Konami: Kinect And Move Need Games For Core Gamers

“These two systems are quite successful, and both are trying to get into the ‘Wii area’ for the casual gamers,” Hirano told Forbes in an interview. “But the real success is in how they can develop content for the core gamer.”

Hirano thinks that will be easier to do for Move, which like the Wii, actually has a controller.

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wanaraceu2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Move already has games for core players unlik kinect

Heavy Rain
Resident Evil
Hustle Kings
The Fight

Just to name a few

The more the better though

Chuk52958d ago

1. Most of those games weren't made to be move-central, (except the fight which is only a bit better than uncaged but both are terrible)

2. We know hardcore kinect games are coming, they announced atleast 6 hardcore created-specifically for the kinect games.

wanaraceu2958d ago

Does not matter if move was added later as they work great with move

rdgneoz32958d ago

Yep, a lot easier for Move with its precision. Already has a few games, and a bunch of core ones coming out beginning of next year. I am curious how developers will use the power of the 3DS in the future.

raztad2958d ago

For a publisher success translates to more games sold. Core gamers buy games, casuals dont.