GamesEyeView: WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Review

GEV says: Here at GamesEyeView, we’re not the biggest wrestling fans in the world. Don’t get us wrong, we grew up on the Macho Man/Hulk Hogan rivalry (sometimes, we still live it) and believed that the Million Dollar Man “earned” every victory. But somewhere around the time we had kids ourselves, we kinda outgrew pro wrestling. That being said, we still enjoy a good wrestling video game from time to time. Luckily for us, THQ and Yukes know this and gave us the new and improved WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011.

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DonkeyKingKong332928d ago

Really good review. I might pick up SD vs. Raw 2011 but will wait to see what Superstars is like first.....

Nightshade3862928d ago

We've really enjoyed playing it. Frankly, I had to force myself to put the controller down to write this somewhat overdue review.

King_many_layers2928d ago

I've got to admit that the game shocked me. I'm really enjoying it. The WWe universe mode is actually keeping me playing with superstars that I would never normally use, just because the match is already made.

The road to wrestlemania had points where I was actually laughing, which is a rare thing when playing a game.

I do wish that they could sort out some of the issues such as superstars being able to reverse a pin after a finisher ?? That's strange.

Also the stamina only really seems to affect my superstar.

I'd really like it also if it was more like a fighting game in its fluidity of controls, rather than grapple... wait... move. I'd rather it was up, right and it lead into the move right away.

STill, this iteration feels more polished and is keeping me alot more interested.

stonecold32928d ago

game just the money in the bank challenge is a pain thought

Nightshade3862928d ago

six man ladder matches are tough. but not as tough as hoping you get chosen to participate in the match the one time a year it happens.

TheRealLando2928d ago

I had a lot of reservations on this game. Very well written review - has me rethinking my decision to not pick it up.

Nightshade3862928d ago

If you're into wrestling, it's worth picking up. Hopefully there's a patch coming for the bugs. But the overall experience was very well done.

TheRealLando2928d ago

Good deal. At least they've been proactive about patching the few issues.

AchievementJunkie2928d ago

I've been enjoying this game so much. The CAW is incredible. I've gone so far as to create most of my friends and have been having a blast doing so.

TheRealLando2928d ago

How accurate are the recreations? Is it tough??

Nightshade3862928d ago

With 50 CaW slots to use up, you could make your own roster if so inclined! lol.

Kithara122928d ago

Another overrated shooter

Nightshade3862928d ago

You must have mistaken this for a CoD review.

TheRealLando2928d ago

you're trolling in the wrong review. This is for WWE Smackdown Vs Raw.