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Call of Duty: Black Ops! The title everyone has been waiting for has been released, and it was definitely as good as it was promised. Most people don’t buy this game for the single-player aspect of it, it’s the multiplayer that brings people in like a magnet, and that is why TechPerSpec review will be focused on that portion of the game.

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SonicBoomBoom42904d ago

Well written review and pretty much how I feel on the game's multiplayer as well. 9/10

Paradise Lost2904d ago

The only thing is the matchmaking could be slow at times for searching and i get booted from matches because of (Server host).

2904d ago
plb2904d ago

Pretty fun but I notice a lot of frame drops when a lot of stuff is going on (PS3 version).

Dacapn2904d ago

I actually bought a 360 for this game, which I've got no idea why since I already own a PS3. The thing is loud.

2904d ago