RipTen Review: Saw II: Flesh & Blood

Ripten: "Ever since the success of the first film in 2004, a new Saw movie has been released around Halloween every year. Konami seems to be picking up on this strategy and have released Saw II: Flesh and Blood on October 19th, not only just because it’s around Halloween, but to tie in with the release of the seventh movie. Last year’s Saw: The Videogame took the concept of the first movie and built upon it. The story followed Jigsaw-obsessed Detective Tapp (played by Danny Glover in the movie) and featured all the same types of ridiculous handmade traps Jigsaw would use. The game forced players into some gruesome situations, like doing a giant puzzle in time before a pendulum slices your friend’s guts out. The game was intense and had some good moments."

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CrzyFooL2932d ago

SAW fanboy reviews SAW II. I'd give this game a 6 at best!!