Activision forgot to include Black Ops props for female Avatars, so here are the free codes

"In the Hardened and Prestige editions of Call of Duty: Black Ops, Activision only included codes to attain props for male Avatars on Xbox 360, so to fix the problem, they have since released two codes to equip female avatars with the proper gear. It’s just a download away if you want the goods."

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Sun_e2956d ago

This game is designed for everyone!

DonkeyKingKong332956d ago

You can even look at the new trailer/commercial for the game. The one with Kobe and Jimmy on it and it's hilarious and cool at the same time. Everyone should play it.

GodzillaOwns2956d ago

I think it's nice that Activision didn't leave girl gamers out in the cold. Even though they initially forgot they quickly made up!

N4GAddict2956d ago

I would of thought that they would of charge for it

GodzillaOwns2956d ago

Yeah I know a few girls that have the game so they'll be happy! Especially in a day where we get nickle and dimed for almost every online mini-download. Something free is welcomed.

DonkeyKingKong332956d ago

I kinda want to see what they look like.

WiiRemotes22956d ago

My sis just put in the codes and they work FYI. =)

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The story is too old to be commented.