Monster Hunter Portable 3rd - New EPIC trailer

Here you can see a totally new trailer showing some of the new features that the game will have and to be honest it has to be one the greates psp games ever, has some cinematic out of this world.

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pedrami912931d ago

Airship/Sandship battle !?

Myst2931d ago

Yep glad to see the Jhen battle made it over as well as Deviljho.

Perjoss2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

looks fantastic, I never could get used to playing this on a psp though :( I did love the wii version and now im dreaming of a 360 / ps3 version, it has to happen eventually, doesn't it?

edit: the MH fanfare never gets old! 3:05

Honky Kong2931d ago

about to release a new updated version too. sucks it has a monthly fee..

Shok2931d ago

Can't wait to get this. Day one for sure. Huge Monster Hunter fan.

Although, I think Capcom should've waited to put this on the PSP2, or even the 3DS but oh well, it's more MH so Im not complaining.

Still gotta finish MHFU >_<

Myst2931d ago

I think we should pray for Monster Hunter Frontier to land over here :)

Perjoss2931d ago

what do you mean, this game is not free, piracy?

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The story is too old to be commented.