Call of Duty: Black Ops Comparisson video. Wii vs. HD systems

"This is a very detailed and well done video that compares the Wii version of Call of Duty: Black Ops to its HD counterparts."

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Shok2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

The Wii version looks pretty good. Of course it can't hold a candle against the [sub] HD versions, but there's no laughable difference. Good job Treyarch.

Edit: The level at 3:56 looks pretty bad lol (the Wii version)

Also, is it just me, or does the multiplayer graphics look better than the single-player? Weird.

GodzillaOwns2958d ago

I applaud them especially for trying!

mikeslemonade2958d ago

Wii is a last gen system. It's not even relevant to do a comparison. 360 is current gen and PS3 is next gen.

8800gtx2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

"Wii vs. HD systems"

Should rename that "Wii Vs the HD system". Since PC is the only system running this in HD.


"360 is current gen and PS3 is next gen"

They are both a gen older then me, hush now.


toaster2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Not to mention at 60FPS.. even the aging 8800GTX could get 60FPS @ 1920x1080 easily. Newer cards are overkill and really shows how old this engine is, GTX580 is pushing 76FPS @ 2560x1600 with 4xMSAA all settings cranked. Yep, PC is the the only platform that can be called "true HD." PS3 and 360 are 6 GPU generations behind now. 7xxx, 8xxx, 9xxx, 2xx, 4xx, and now 5xx.

That being said, the Wii being compared to PC/360/PS3 now is just beating a dead horse.

2Spock2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )


Maybe you are not aware anything over 480p or higher is HD, regardless.


Thats false my friend, i have a 9800 and that is far from the truth. And as i told your butt buddy above anything over 480p is HD, regardless.

Substance1012958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )


720p is the minimum HD standard. COD on consoles is running in 620p thats not HD.

There are bencharks out there showing 8800gtx running MW1 @1080p 60fps. Its the same engine same graphics. Dont think we can take your word over those benchmarks.

scroll down to 8800gtx watch it pull 1080p in mw1 @76p

It should be very close to those figures with Black ops.

Tarasque2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Maybe some people are not aware tha Black Ops runs in 720. Not that same as the last few games. And maybe some people are not aware that anyting that can not be ran on a standard or digital television is high def. There is no bassis for minimum. Just cause they want 720p to be the standard doesnt mean 600p is still not a form of high def.

OMG, you are taking a MW1 benchmark and comparing it to Black OPs are you f#$king kidding me.

Substance1012958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )


Unlike consoles things move on in the PC industry you cant expect websites to be benchmarking 4year old hardware today. That would be such a waste of resources.

However since the engines for all the COD series are the same we can expect very simular performance. If it was running MW1 @ 76FPS it will be running a Black Ops around that figure.


So do you expect console hardware to magically grow in power every year. If the PS3 could run MW1 in 60fps its doing the same with MW2 and then black ops. Same applies to PC hardware. Since the game hasnt improved in graphics requirements, it will perform just like the previous games. Unless they decide to improve the graphics on the game which all of us know they havent.

Utalkin2me2958d ago

What kind of idiot takes benchmarks from a different game from 4 years ago and compares it to a different game with different dev's that runs in a higher resolution and say it will run the same. My god some of these PC gamers need something to play or something.

TresTrendu2958d ago


Why should we care what you say, you count even count. It is 5 generations behind not 6.

LazyDevs2958d ago


First you are talking about PC games and benchmarks thenall of the sudden you are talking about how console graphics are not going to improve. Make up your mind with what you are sticking with.

Is it that Black OPs is going to run exactly the same as MW1 on a 880gtx or is that console graphics re not going to improve. You are so bent in trying to prove somebody wrong you are confusing yourself.

Substance1012958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I simply said people dont keep talking about the same hardware in the PC industry. Its been 4 years, we cant expect 8800gtx to be benchmarked on the current games. However for consoles its different PS3 and Xbox 360 will be talked about until the next consoles are out.

Regarding your question about the 8800gtx in black ops. Yes it will most likely perform very close to what it perfomed in MW1 and MW2 with black ops, because the games use the same engine and very simular graphics.

Until unless the engine is not changed or the graphics not updated there is no reason why the 8800gtx should perform worse then the previous games. Infact games get optimised as the gen goes on it should perform better.

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jony_dols2958d ago

Come on Nintendo. I know graphics ain't everything, but for God's sake its 2010. Release a HD console that doesn't pigeonhole dev's into dumbing down their games, because it definitely takes away from the presentation and atmosphere.

Black on Xbox (Feb 2006) can nearly match Black Ops Wii graphically.

Shok2958d ago

"Nearly", is the key word here, and this isn't even close to being to best looking Wii game. The Conduit and Goldeneye 007 look way better.

jony_dols2958d ago

Xbox = Last Gen
Wii = Current Gen

It's like comparing Halo 2 to Halo Reach.


lol.. lets b real here. comparing wii to 360/ps3 is like comparing a mobile phone to a mobile SMART phone

BloodyNapkin2958d ago

OMG that looks awful. I could say "Hey that looks good for being on the Wii", but it is a comparison video. So it looks like garbage compared, and after watching the video it plays like garbage on the Wii also.

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Sun_e2958d ago

It isn't that bad. But you can not compare it to the PS3 or Xbox.

DonkeyKingKong332958d ago

Look at The Last Guardian. Now THAT is one stunning looking game on Wii. Every generation there are games that wow us visually per console. Donkey Kong Country on SNES. Resident Evil 4 on GameCube. And so on. It's these powerhouse devs that utilize the hardware the most that really put every other game to shame at least visually.

Shok2958d ago

The Last Guardian? I think you mean The Last Story?

WiiRemotes22958d ago

I can't help but feel bad for Wii only owners that want to experience the game because they really don't know what they're missing. The detail is loads better in the Xbox 360 version. Still...the controls are best with a Nunchuck and Wii Remote and the graphics aren't that bad truth be told.

2Spock2958d ago

Now, while i havent played this game on the Wii. But i can tell by the video it suffers from the same problem. The controls are not smooth at all, just wtach the cursor/crosshair on screen. Not even close to being smooth and you can tell by watching that he is missing stuff and is having a hard time controlling it.

I dont have a problem that people would prefer this setup for controls. But to say it is better than anything else is just plain stupid. And i wish they had cross platforming cause i would make you eat them word's 1v1, and show you how bad those controls are.

Seferoth752958d ago

Things about next gen controls dude. Wii controls are not built around aim assist. So you are only as good as your aim. Something that most gamers obviously do not have.

Thing that is stupid is talking about something you obviously do not comprehend. Take out the auto aim and you dual analog noobs are nothing.

They are only bad with you because you lack any real world aiming. I grew up using guns so it is not an issue for me. BRASS. Look into because to something as real as Wii controls it comes in handy..

Talk to me about superior controlsin aiming when the computer isnt doing it for you.

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