IGN gives 8.1/10 to Stranglehold - Review and X360 Promo Trailer

There are a lot of mindless shooters on the market, but none of them immerse you in John Woo's world. And that's where Stranglehold stands out. This is the true sequel to Hard Boiled, which means Stranglehold is more about style than substance. So, not surprisingly, the story is melodramatic and forgettable and the adrenaline-pumping action is the star of the show. Stranglehold could use two more chapters and a little more visual polish, but it is an otherwise exhilarating experience. There are plenty of "Oh my God" moments and just enough challenge to sustain anyone's interest from start to finish.

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ElementX3703d ago

After playing the demo, I had a feeling this wouldn't be a "9" title.

BloodySinner3703d ago

When was the last time a Midway title got a "9"?

MK_Red3702d ago

Psi-ops, a superb underrated game.

barom3702d ago

lmao it's actually the Psi-Ops team that developed this one

Frances-the-Mute3702d ago

thats good, i thought the camera was going to pose a problem, but it came through

Bloodmask3702d ago

It's really sad because Midway used to be a great developer back in the day. Now their games are either average or just bad.

Stranglehold looks like it wants to be Max Payne. Too bad it isn't..

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The story is too old to be commented.