Game Kudos - Evolution of the Digital Woman Part 3

Game Kudos' Ruser Saldana concludes his 3-part Evolution of the Digital Woman series with a look at the correlation between the rise of female video game characters and the use of sex appeal to sell games. He discusses how the success of Lara Croft led to more prominent female video game characters - but also led to using these women as sex objects.

"Today, sex and nudity in video games aren't all that shocking. What started as a lone sex symbol in Lara Croft burgeoned into a new aspect of video game culture. In this way, Lara Croft was both a step forward and a step backward for women in video games: her success popularized strong, independent female characters, but the focus on sex appeal reverted women back into objects for men."

However, he believes that more recent games are proving that digital women can be much more than that.

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