Microsoft Buying BlackBerry?

With continued rumors of Microsoft possibly buying out Research In Motion, the company that makes BlackBerries, the company's stock price has reached an all-time high of $85.

The talks between Microsoft and RIM may be heating up, and most are naming the success of the iPhone and the growing potential of smart phones as causes for Microsoft's rumored anxiety towards a buyout. A combined effort of Microsoft and BlackBerry technology could provide quite an offering for a hand held, and improved security measures is a noted reason for Microsoft's interest.

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TriggerHappy4071d ago

You gotta love Microsoft way of doing business. Buying out successful competitors and bringing them to their side to maximize their profits even more. I respect that though, nothing personal just business.

Bnet3434071d ago

I bet if anyone's daddy worked at Microsoft, they wouldn't be complaining. I love companies like this. Business is business, not a popularity contest. I got my official certification from Microsoft, so that's my future. Sorry for the blog-ish post. :P

Captain Tuttle4071d ago

Think they'll integrate it into the new Zune?

TriggerHappy4071d ago

that might be the plan but I hope not, Zune's reception has not been too good among consumers whiles Blackbery on the other side is a beast among consumers. But who knows really what they are planning.

toughNAME4071d ago

Molson, Tim Hortons, Hudsons Bay Company (and on a lesser scale, Futureshop)

all bought out by Americans

wouldnt be surprised if this Canadian company gets bought out

BenzMoney4071d ago

Alcan, Stelco, the Quebec Nordiques, the Winnipeg Jets and, soon, Bell Networks.

I don't think Tim Hortons and Molson were actually bought out though - those were mergers. A bit different. Molson merged with Labatt (I think - or was it Coors) but, if I'm not mistaken, Molson was actually worth more at the time. Wendy's and Tim Hortons was a similar deal.

snoop_dizzle4071d ago

how? Aside from it being from microsoft.

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The story is too old to be commented.