Venture Beat Review: Microsofts' Kinect motion-sensing system, not as good as hoped

Microsoft has created a unique experience with its Kinect motion-control gaming system. On its face, it’s more compelling than either the Nintendo Wii, which is now showing its age, or the Sony PlayStation Move, the wand-like controller from Sony that doesn’t go far enough into motion sensing.

Dean Takahashis' opinion in a nutshell: Kinect seems magical at the outset; it has lots of untapped potential; but the execution and accuracy could have been better...

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Killed4Less2749d ago

Dean you try so hard but your hate for MS always bleeds through your writing.

If you can't keep your kids in the play space for Kinect I don't know how you play any motion game considering that it moves and tracks you which allows for a larger play space then both the Wii and Move. So you must totally hate those then..

Go back to writing your anti-MS books killjoy.

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pswi602749d ago

Actually this review seems pretty honest, and it appears Dean is trying to be more fair when it comes to gaming journalism since receiving $800 Halo 3 swag from MS when he was writing for the San Jose Mercury news website.

If YOU actually read the article "Killed4Less", he is backing up his opinions with facts and other data. FTA:

"I do believe that Kinect will become as important as the Xbox 360, Halo and the Xbox Live online gaming service among Microsoft’s great contributions to gaming — in the long run. And it is a far better designed product than many of Microsoft’s failures (as observed by the New York Times’ David Pogue): Windows Vista, WebTV, Spot Watch, Ultimate TV, Ultra Mobile PC, Tablet PC, Smart Display, Portable Media Center, Zune, and the Kin phone.

But in other places, Kinect falls far short of our expectations. Reviewers are giving initial Kinect games fairly low scores ranging from 56 (Kinect Joyride) to 84 (Dance Central) out of a possible 100 total points on Metacritic, which aggregates game review scores. I have to agree that the Kinect games I’ve played are fairly average so far."

The only place I see where he doesn't backup one of his statements is when he says "and the Sony PlayStation Move, the wand-like controller from Sony that doesn’t go far enough in motion sensing"....what does that mean?

If anything, Move has the most possibilities than any other motion controller out there, due to the way it is engineered and designed. In 1 year you will see Move games that blow your mind, and I wouldn't be suprised if MS somehow copies the Move concept and creates their own "light sensors" that you wear to enhance how Kinect operates.

As of right now, Kinect is a joke. The 360 will be in last place after the holidays, and now 360 fans are all about "teh Kinect salezorz" Kinect is the last dying gasp of Microsoft as they are about to lose another console generation, and go back to the drawing board...or bow out altogether.

Haters keep hatin', players keep playin'

RedDragan2749d ago

One thing about that quote though....

How is Halo an important contribution to gaming? Just because some kids liked it doesn't mean it was a game changer... I wish journo's stopped painting Halo as something it clearly is not.

It's just another generic shooter, like all other FPS games.

MultiConsoleGamer2749d ago

That seems like a loaded title.

joeorc2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Dean is quite respected,

@ Killed4Less

as for saying Dean Hates MS.really?

he wrote book's about Microsoft Hardware, an not in the negative way.

He grad. from yale, i doubt very much he has a hatred for Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo for that

Maybe you may have read this one as well?

an it is that very same Dean:

Dean Takahashi

Dean is lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat. He covers video games, security, chips and a variety of other subjects. Dean previously worked at the San Jose Mercury News, the Wall Street Journal, the Red Herring, the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register and the Dallas Times Herald. He is the author of two books, Opening the Xbox and the Xbox 360 Uncloaked. Follow him on Twitter at @deantak, and follow VentureBeat on Twitter at @venturebeat.

DOOMZ2749d ago

Me & my wife love it!
I dont get these off the beaten path review sites, lol...

Masterchef20072748d ago

i mean if it was suppose to be super accurate it probably would have cost 300 euros i mean its designed for the casuals anyway