N4G: Win Xbox 360 DLC Codes: Bon Jovi 12 Pack

If you couldn't gather from the title, the awesome folks at Harmonix have given N4G some Bon Jovi 12 Pack DLC codes (Xbox 360)!

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GLoRyKnoT2632d ago

N4G does it again! BEST EVER! :)

MaxOpower2632d ago

Who would want this, isn't Bon Jovi more of an punishment than a reward???

Kran2632d ago

kill him now...... MaxOpower i mean......

MaxOpower2631d ago

What!!! you again. You got to be kidding.

So.... What else do you like beside outdated reviews and bad "music".

Roonsan2632d ago

I think that these tracks will be a great addition to the game I have always liked Bon Jovi and there support for the video game industry is a great thing.

MaxOpower2631d ago

So you like Bon Jovi, would never have guessed in a million years.

Roonsan2632d ago

changed avatar hopefully I'll get the code but if not thats ok. Hope those who get it will actually use it.

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