Top 5 Free to Play MMO's

There is a ton of bad free to play MMO's. GameZone is here to help you pick out five gems that will sure to keep you entertained, and save you some money as well.

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TheSanchezDavid2928d ago

I friend of mine is really into free to play MMOs. Can't say I share the same interest. The genre has never stood out to me as particularly good.

kancerkid2928d ago

Vindictus looks good. Downloading now

TheGameFoxJTV2928d ago

It is. I've been playing since Closed Beta.

INehalemEXI2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Vindictus is good, they don't release content enough though and our US version does not have any pvp yet.

jzungre2928d ago

I really liked DDO and Lord of the Rings Online is made by the same people. Would definitely be worth checking out.

ELite_Ghost2928d ago

I bought a lifetime subscription when Lotro first came out 300$ + exanpions (around 60$) and it was defo worth it. Now that's it's free all my friends can play and of course I get bonus stuff ;)

Lightsaber2928d ago

LoTRO is basically a WoW clone. The combat, tradeskils, and UI were a complete rip off when I played it. Never like that they didnt have a Wiz/Mage class tho so never really got into it

athmaus2928d ago

nice article might have to check some of these out

shiner2928d ago

Atlantica should be in this list.

gamerdude1322928d ago

I thought Gates of Andaron was just as much, if not more of a clone than Runes of Magic was. Seriously, it's a good game, check it out. It's no WoW, but it's as close as you can get. And yes, it's free to play.

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The story is too old to be commented.