A War of Hype, and Paramount's Big Bombshell

As most readers of this site are by now well aware, the High Definition format war got a whole lot more interesting on Monday, August 20th, 2007. Surprising just about everyone, including many within their own company, Paramount Home Entertainment announced that effective immediately the studio would be dropping support for Blu-ray and releasing High Definition titles exclusively on the HD DVD format. As has been widely reported, this means that some major summer blockbusters including 'Transformers' and 'Shrek the Third' (Paramount also distributes Dreamworks titles) that were hotly-anticipated as future Blu-ray releases will now come out only on HD DVD.

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drtysouf214123d ago

i've read. Opens your eyes to alot of things. I still think blu-ray will win in the end but i still recommend owning both for the time being because by the time this format war ends you will have enough movies exclusive on both formats that you will still feel you made a good investment.

stonedog4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

I agree with much of what he said. However I can not see co-existence b/c the consumer does not want to have to think about formats; they want to buy it and play it. Co-existance in video games is different b/c gaming is an interactive experience and generally requires a bigger commitment in time by the player. Gamers will usually pick the machine on the basis of the games they wish to play.

damnwrx4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Regular DVD of Transformers is a no problem!...I Don't need no HD DVD.

4123d ago
MrSwede4122d ago

Of course they´ll release it on regular DVD! You think by the time it releases everyone will own an HD-DVD player?

I´m pro Blu-Ray but I won´t say "it doesn´t bother me, I´ll just get it on DVD" sux big time! I was looking forward to watching Transformers on Blu-Ray..

Frances-the-Mute4123d ago

any Hd dvd exclusive movie i want, i'll get it on dvd...Heroes season 1 FTW!

Optimus Prime4123d ago

for sure. Heroes is simply awsome. only 24 more days till season 2. WOOT!!!!!

MarioFromTexas4123d ago

I'll take Die hard, the pirates of the caribean, spiderman , Ice age obver transformers and shrek...come on xbots stop posting stupid articles when we all know blu ray is going to win...look at all releases for this holiday season

RINGOFDEATH4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Marvel movies will sell Blu Ray Movies any day,and with Spiderman as their Top seller,Blu Ray sell's will go through the roof.BTW Transformers wasnt all that,I watch Spiderman 5 times and Transformers once..And Blu Ray has Resident Evil and Underworld movies,which will make more money than Paramount and Universal put together..Columbia/Sony pictures are the best.Spiderman Rules the movie world,can't wait to see part 4,Black Cat and Lizard are the rumors thats been floating around.

fenderputty4123d ago

You do realize that the person posting this article has a heavenly sword avatar don't you.

TriggerHappy4123d ago

but that does not necessarily mean he is a biased towards the other. I have that as my avatar because I like the style of the game.

joevfx4123d ago

god, i hate when these people start throwing DVD numbers into the mix compaired to blu ray and hd dvd. NO @$#% DVD is gonna destroy them in sales it was been the standard for years now adn a new movie only costs 14.99. blu ray and hd dvd have only been out for a year!!!!!! i stoped reading this morons article after that stupid 300 dvd comparison.

Rooftrellen4123d ago

It is important. Bluray is about 3% of movie sales, and HD DVD is 2%.

It is important because we can see a studio is as likely to do HD DVD exclusive asn bluray exclusive, all things but sales equal, because there is bearly a difference in sales.

4123d ago
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