Halo 3: in stores in Italy right now

Confirmation just came in that one of Italy's leading retail chains has received stocks of the Halo 3 Limited Edition for Xbox 360 3 weeks before its street date.


New proof is updated on Xboxkings, more pictures of Halo 3 boxes delivered at stores

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TriggerHappy3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Get to importing Halo fans. For Halo extremist that were hoping for this, well you in luck

nasim3637d ago

x360 doesnt sell in EU/JAPAN

MS should have released HALo 3early her in NA>

as you have seen already BIOSHOCK failed to move any x360. Rather the sales dropped from previous week.

HALO 3 would only sell to existing consumers of x360. It wont move units

HateBoy3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

wow, u must really be a ps3 fanboy to be in such denial. that's about the dumbest thing iv'e seen on n4g for a looooooong time.

Newmanator3637d ago

holy [email protected] im bookin me a flight! (not really but oh well)

BenzMoney3637d ago

Even though I approved, I have to say I'm skeptical. Those boxes don't really prove anything - I see empty boxes of games available for preorder all the time.

But it's possible, I suppose. Good luck trying to contain a leak if true.

Ignorant Fanboy3637d ago

they will get royally sued.

Best to keep your mouth shut, now they have to pay an armed guard to keep watch over the store.