Puzzle Fighter HD Remix - PS3 vs. Xbox 360

Puzzle Fighter HD Remix was a much anticipated release that has been talked about for months. The release of it on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 poses a dilemna for those that have multiple systems and can't decide.

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monkey6023705d ago

Well this has actually somewhat peaked my interest in the game

taz80803705d ago

I tip my hat to Capcom on this port, it was very well done and one of the finer games to play on either PSN or Xbox Live.

Yaster3705d ago

So this boy has given the 360 version the edge as it has achievements and it came out a day earlier? How about comparing the actual games?

I'm stuck for which version to buy (though if i really wanted it now I would buy the 360 version s the PS3 version still isn't out in europe yet), the 360 version has voice comms while the PS3 version dosen't (bad show Capcom) but the d-pad on the PS3 is a lot better than the 360's

Desicions desicions

BloodySinner3705d ago

The d-pad on the Xbox 360 is rubbish, however, most of the users who play the game on the console use the analog stick. :-/

junk563705d ago

analog stick is rubbish, tried it and it goes all over the place.
joystick is still the best however but dpad has most accuracy.

controls vs communication, hard hard hard

PlayStation3603705d ago

sure, a little smack talking is all in good fun. But I think it's best if you can actually WIN against the guy. The 360 controller is top notch with shooters. But with fighters and puzzle games like this. PS3 controller hands down.

vaan3705d ago

Screw this crap, where is SF2 HD?

Darkiewonder3705d ago

October [Late] but Early November.

Marceles3705d ago

I'm still mad that they didn't "remix" the sprites

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