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Submitted by Imperator 1917d ago | review

Gametrailers: Sonic Colors Review

Gametrailers review of Sonic Colors for the Wii and DS. (Nintendo DS, Sonic Colors, Wii) 6.4/10

gumgum99  +   1917d ago
I don't know what stuff GT is smoking, but I'll find out once I get a copy of that game.
Professor PGX  +   1917d ago
I usually agree with Gametrailers, but IDK. This new sonic looks like a good one
kesvalk  +   1916d ago
stupid review, sonic colors is the best 3d sonic sega ade until now, it captures de felling of the older 2d games almost perfectly.

it's the first sonic that had started playing right after waking, because it's very fun do play, and the cheesy dialogue is very funny too.

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