PS3 Consumer Demand Makes Sony Restock Supply Online & 80GB May Get Price Cut

Responding to consumer demand, Sony has restocked the 60GB PlayStation 3 online.

After a complete sell-out of its online supply (first discovered by GamePro earlier this week), Sony has replenished its 60GB PlayStation 3 supply on

Karraker also remarked that the $599 80GB PS3 bundle may be reduced down to $499 once the complete supply of the 60GB version dries up.

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ReBurn4123d ago

The way I see it Sony is going to have to drop the 80gb model to $499. I don't think the $599 bundle is all that compelling.

heroman7114123d ago

well obviously dude. here is how im thinking they will do it. there are like 2 million 60 gig ps3 not sold in the u.s it will take some time for all that to get sold out. in that time period ( i would say 5 -6 months or maybe sooner) they will be gone. when that happens clearly sony wouldnt leave it at 600 cuz thats pretty much suicide. so i think they will lower it at least 100 dollars maybe more. this is just an assumption though , i could be wrong

Maddens Raiders4123d ago

is that "who cares" what you think is or isn't compelling? Obviously enough people thought the standard fare was compelling enough to wisk the 60GB out of stock on sonystyle. Believe me, if there is a contingent of lunatics out there that are constantly lining up to invest money money in what has to be, this century's most faulty piece of hardware so far, then why would they not invest well spent dollars into a rock solid machine. Basically you're questioning consumers who prefer to buy an Audemars Piguet over a Seiko and then saying that the former is not compelling.

Besides, why would you care?

DrWan4123d ago

If they keep 80GB BUndle at 499, I think it's a nice deal.

Bloodmask4123d ago

online store if they said in a previous article that all 60 gig PS3s had been shipped to retailers and their warehouses were empty. And they also said they were no longer producing the 60 gig model.

Did they take a truck to Toys R Us and load up??

mikeslemonade4123d ago

Wouldn't be possible as the movers would have to climb over the moutain of 360s that aren't being bought before they get to the PS3s.

uxo224122d ago

Sony lies and always have, they (IMO) have never stopped making the 60 Gig unit. This SH!T was another ploy to put people in a panic so that they would buy a 60gig unit before they supplies were gone.

Why didn't they just have some BALLS and call it what it really is...A PRICE DROP! Even though I own a PS3, I have NEVER trusted SONY.

Blabbermouth4122d ago

then if they told everyone that they where gonna drop the price of the 80GB version, people would wait for the price drop and they would have an excess of 60GB.

And they never lied to the public about the price drop, they just worded well, so that it would make people perceive that the PS3 would be $500 for a limited time. I remember them saying "that the 60GB would be $500 for a limited time, because where fazing them out" and thats exactly what they where doing, that they where dropping 60GB PS3 to $500 for a limited time because once there all gone, thats it. They never said they wouldn't drop the price of their 80GB PS3.

And about Sony denying a lot of things(not connected to price drop). Its not just Sony that does this, all big companies do this.

uxo224122d ago

I see your point, but, I don't think the 80 gig will drop in price anytime soon. I honestly beleive sony will continue to produce the 60 gig. This limit stock will become unlimited. If they do drop the price of the 80gig model, it will not be dropped to 499.00 Especially and still have Motostorm with it. IMO

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s8anicslayer4123d ago

i think they should bring it down to 449usd for the 80gig version

JunkieXL4123d ago

you probably get a 80GB PS3 for 449$ and I have to pay 550€ for the 60GB vers. (I live in Germany)
very sad =(

Rageanitus4123d ago

Still make the 60 gb version without the emotion chip.

Its easy to take the hd out of the ps3 anyways.

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