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Forget Elite, It's Jam vs. Jordan

A 4thString.com (the new site from the former 1Up.com Sports Anomaly guys) about how NBA Jam is going against NBA 2K11 now that NBA Elite has been cancelled. (2K Sports, EA, NBA 2K11, NBA Elite 11, NBA Jam, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

matey  +   1501d ago
jam on wii cant be the inferior version it was made on wii hardware and ported to 360 ect so if anything wii version will reign supreme end of i have it the graphics are amazing and it looks like its running in 720p but its in 480p thats how nice the game looks and its basically amazing 4 local MP 1 of the best local MP games i dont think online will make it better in fact u cant have as much fun online as u can with ur buddies in the same room co-op its impossible to match that greatness online
matey  +   1501d ago
online was invented because it was getting increasingly hard to do split screen in some games thats why its a big feature when u get local split screen in games today
oilahize  +   1501d ago
it's just Jordan.

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