PSU gives Warhawk a 9.5/10

Warhawk is an amazing multiplayer experience. Almost everything is spot on, and players will have a lot of fun taking on different roles and trying out different tactics to reach their objectives. This title is a must-have for PS3 owners.


* + Simplistic menus and descriptions will help anyone become a server host and ranked pilot.
* + There's a ton of ranks, ribbons and medals to earn.
* + Graphics are beautifully enticing.


* - Steep learning curve without documentation or tutorials.
* - Only works on one PSN account if you download it.

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secur1ty9113797d ago

If you own a PS3 I suggest go buy this game NOW!!!!!!!!

But you also need high/(ultra high) speed internet connection.

picker3323797d ago

nja ultra high do u mean 25 or 100mb...No i play fine with 8mb
and my friend play fine with 5

SabreMan3797d ago

i think the original poster is referring to if you host a game as the game tests your connection and only allows you to host a set amount depending on your speed.

I can only host 4 people online, my connection is locked at 2.2mb

the game if fantastic !!

gunnerforlife3797d ago

i swear im wishing i had my ps3 again:D:cry: just reading that review gets me exited.

borntodie0073797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )


* - Steep learning curve without documentation or tutorials.
* - Only works on one PSN account if you download it.

thts no cons for me.

1. im buying the blu-ray version
2. i never do tutorials i learn as i play

so i give this game a 10 i see no other negative thing bout the game i guess i need to go buy it =P

and i don't like singleplayer first person shooting games so it makes it even better.

Bordel_19003797d ago

* - Steep learning curve without documentation or tutorials

They're right about this. Without docs it's pretty hard to get to grips with all the different aspects of the game, from setting up local multiplayer games to controling a Warhawk or a tank. But, yes, it's no problem, took me a little bit of time to learn, but know it now.

Awesome game, highly recommended to anyone who likes online games.

IPlayGames3797d ago

U know wut would have cool if u could jump out of warhawk mid flight and shoot other warhawks as u parachute to the ground.

But yea nothing bad for me go get the game so i can blow i out the sky.

PSN Masta 13

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