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Submitted by SandWitch 1846d ago | news

Gran Turismo 5 3D: Avatar Comparison

We know how many times Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed, and it is for that reason why some fans decided to cancel their pro-orders. However, there are two reasons why they should reconsider their actions. The first is because the release date could be on November 30, and the other is how stunning 3D is said to be. (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

DigitalRaptor  +   1847d ago
I think Gran Turismo and its fans are the ones that will massively help get 3DTVs off the ground.
GamerSciz  +   1846d ago
I dunno
I have a feeling it's still pretty early for 3D tvs for the average consumer. I could see possibly next year Sony making a 3D TV bundle with PS3 and possibly KZ3 for 3D.
TheOldOne  +   1846d ago
I think getting rid of those glasses is what will help 3d tvs off the ground.
INehalemEXI  +   1846d ago
I been thinking about getting a 3D ready Projector, instead of another HDTV that is 3D ready. It's cheaper ...unless you get the more expensive projectors, and projector and 3D just feels good together like a mini IMAX at home. Yup, Glasses still going to set you back though.
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Ilikegames76  +   1846d ago
Get the projector
that's full HD with at least 2,500 lumen. It's kinda expensive right now, but you'll be impressed.
raztad  +   1846d ago
We know how many times Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed
once in NA? twice in Japan?

Lame article. Come on, give us at least eyes-on impressions.
MaximusPrime  +   1846d ago

once worldwide
twice only in Japan
raztad  +   1846d ago
Thanks. That is correct
limewax  +   1846d ago
Can we have a competition for a release date instead please?
limewax  +   1846d ago
so wheres the sony statement? it just says and indian game company says so?
zzji71   1846d ago | Spam
Omega Zues  +   1846d ago
wait what?
"We know how many times Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed, and it is for that reason why some fans decided to cancel their pro-orders."

Stopped reading there.
visualb  +   1846d ago
im sick of uninformed bigotry
I swear if I see one more dumb a$$ state GT5 has had "loads of delays" I'l going to give them a virtual kick in the nads....
MaximusPrime  +   1846d ago
"We know how many times Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed"

yea... once
meedhi20   1846d ago | Spam

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