COD Black Ops Problems: A Lag Fest Earlier we asked if you have been experiencing problems with Call of Duty Black Ops, and it seems as though some of you have. Gamers have reported that it is “a lag fest”. Those who joined Dedicated Servers (KZ2, MAG, BFBC2) found that the moment they were on they could see how laggy it was, and it does not seem to be an isolated incident.

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SpinalRemains1382749d ago

Seriously. This is quite frankly, just a simple case of being a bunch of cheap douche-bags.

You're making one of the most successful games, which heavily relies on multiplayer experience, and yet you don't have a suffient amount of bandwidth? This is the 4th huge COD game and yet it seems as if someone isn't learning from the past or they're simply not giving a shit.

For all the hype the series gets, this is simply unacceptable. Let's be honest. It isn't as if the game was a sleeper smash hit overnight. They planned midnight launches and such. Should've planned for what actually matters.

ExPresident2749d ago

While its not the worse I've ever seen, and I was happy to see the servers actually worked on launch day, it does have to much lag.

They knew how much this thing was gonna sell, so yeah I agree with your statement.

sack_boi2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

What do you expect, there were about 3M people playing the game on XBL a little while ago? I'm even surprised XBL hasn't crashed yet. BTW there are 700k players on PSN playing Black Ops right now so lag is expected there s well.

UnwanteDreamz2749d ago

People like you may expect to pay 60$ for a game (that is argueably the best selling of all time) and have it lag.

Some people think things should work like they are supposed to when you buy them.

Should this games success be an excuse for it's problems or should it be the reason it has less?

Some people have low standards. I for one would not defend this type of thing. To me that seems counter productive.

sack_boi2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Well, I expect a game that has 3M people online at the same time to lag a little on launch day. I wish it wans't like that but lets be realistic here.

UnwanteDreamz2749d ago

Fair enough but is it a little lag or alot? I just worry for a day when you buy your game but can't play it until the first patch, that comes a week later.

Very extreme but who knows it could happen.

plenty a tool2749d ago

and did not encounter 1 bit of lag. dont disagree, im stating my experience so far.

imo, the best cod since cod4. im enjoying it

ExPresident2749d ago

I disagree sack_boi. Clearly the servers are capable of handling the workload as they are working and haven't crashed like some games do on release. That tells me they should have spent a little bit more money on more equipment to handle the increased load they knew they were going to have.

When I buy a product that is advertised to work then it should work. LAG was not put on the box or manual as a bonus feature, nor do I want it.

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WhittO2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

7 million game sales day 1. It is understandable that their servers may be stressed the first week or so of going on sale lol.
HOWEVER...The game sold over 7 million copies day 1, how can there be any argument AT ALL of them justifying why they have been cheap and have servers incapable of keeping up, when they have already earned over half a BILLION $ after 1 DAY of sales!!!

They must have known how much it would sell by looking at the number of pre-orders etc, if it isn't sorted within 1-2 days, then they really are being cheap and will have lost all of my respect/future money.

EDIT: Also, I'm happy that PSN & XBL seem to be doing fine under the stress, there must be millions using the services right now (not just millions using Black Ops but prob as many for MW2/Halo etc same time too)

jimineyscrickets2749d ago

But i understand just how frustrating it can be. I hope they get this shizzle fixed soon for everyone out there having trouble.

badz1492749d ago

and another fucked up CoD games for suckers courtesy from Kotick & Co.! so, what's new?

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BabyTownFrolics2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

and if this was such a big deal then folks would be returning their games and demanding refunds, but they are not. They are dealing with what they got.

show me a perfect game with no issues.

also i never see anyone being clear about what they want the devs to do, it seems to always be complaints with little to no appreciation of the complexity surrounding the issue.

nycredude2749d ago

There are no perfect games with no issues but a series that is know pretty much for their MP and NOT the crap short SP there is no excuse for this, so stop defending Craptivision.

UnwanteDreamz2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Thank you NY! @ Baby I don't get how you use appreciation of complexity as an excuse. How about appreciation for the $$$ people spend on these games?

visualb2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

mind you, a good 1/2 of COD sales came from little people who voted with their parents wallets for they are too young to have their own....

UnwanteDreamz2749d ago

Yep, lots of kids buy stuff their friends have so that they are not left out. Adults aren't immune to this mentality I have been renting Activision games for the last 2 years and I have seriously thought about buying BO just because I have at least 20 people on my friends list currently playing it.

nycredude2749d ago

Why should they work harder or trying harder to please if gamers are going to just bend over and take it anyways? The only way they will do anything to change this is if we stop buying this shit!

LilMissGoddess2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

do like i just did a min ago and rent it! i just pissed off some gamers at my gamestop, because i talked down on the call of duty franchise. i was there to just swap out my copy of bfbc2 for the ps3 version same price and shit and they wouldnt do it, without me paying 28.70.

i said nope, kept my 360 version went to family video and rented call of dookie. ill have it beat, and it will go back, total money from me spent-

7.53 for 5 nights. every call of duty gae that has released has had lag issues, even long after launch. i played cod 2 for 360 and when it released it was unplayable til they fixed it.

all the call of duty's have been this way. mw2 was always laggy as hell, so i really will never see peoples fascination with the mp in this franchise.

i have a 24 mbps connection all my other games including the ones i play on ps3 run great, with the exception being call of duty.

will beat this crap and take it back and rent something else. i refuse to buy a game that is short, and the multiplayer has been nothing but problems in the past anyways. $7.53, 5 nights, trophies, and out of my hair- priceless!

don't buy! rent shit games!

edit to realist- yes, but gamers will never come together. call of duty as a whole this gen has a damn "cult" following. should have seen the looks on the kids faces when i said what i did about it, and i was nice in a sense, but you'd think i was talking bad about their mom or something.

but anyways ill pop it in my ps3, sure i'll faint at the loading screen lmao. some of those at my gamestop i think masturbate to the case of call of duty games! oh and just to mention, they all had 360 cases in their hands so yea, take that for what you will....

TheRealist21022749d ago

I agree but gamers are divided and we all continue to lose.
The future will be more of the same until gamers somehow come together.

VenGencE9992749d ago

dude, the reason gamers are divided is because everyone's opinion differs. what is a shitty game to one may be a great game to another. I HATE Halo, but others love it. I love Gears waayyyyy more than UC2, but others think differently.

I can tell you bozos are young due to the fact that you all think everyone should think like you and if not they are wrong. News flash kiddies, that's NOT how the world works. If you are over 12 than you all need to seriously go see a shrink about your issues..

nycredude2749d ago

SOrry to burst your bubble VenGenc but I am 36 and have been gaming a long time on multiple platforms. THis isn't about peoples opinions and tastes differing. This about COD being a glitchfest and incompletely product! Maybe you like paying $65 (US) for a glitchy game with lag and cheaters but I don't! And way to contradict yourself. You just said it everyone has different opinions and mine is that we shouldn't pay for this kind of crap!

So guess what I am skipping this crap this time. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times or more then I deserve it..

dragonelite2749d ago

tip On 360
In the menu where you can see your stuff like challenges and stuff.
Press select change filter to local and lag on p2p is as good as gone if the host is good.

That means for me im from holland that my games are found in Holland and the uk for a lot of times and not the usa where the distance instantly means lag for euro gamers.

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