LittleBigPlanet 2 EU Collector’s Edition Announced

"Hi there Sack-folk! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying some of the LittleBigPlanet 2 “Featurette” trailers over the last few weeks – if you missed them, be sure to go back and check out Sackbots and The Creatinator for an insight into some of the insanely huge possibilities that these new features offer. There will plenty more new trailers popping up in the coming weeks, so stay tuned."


Alex Pavey updates:

"Hi everyone – just to clarify – this is the version of the Collector’s Edition that will be available across the whole of Europe at a really good value. In addition, keep an eye on your local retailers for details of other additional offers for your own countries soon."

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mushroomwig2778d ago

'Is this a joke? There is nothing collectible about this.

Where is the plushie sackboy? Where is the “game ends”? Where are the PSN avatars? Why are we getting shafted again here in EU.'

I normally hate the blog comments but I completely agree with this one.

Lucreto2778d ago

We get the avatars but only half of the costume packs the other half is pre-order bonus's from different retailers. So Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank will be at different retailers.

Red_Orange_Juice2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

sorry to say but this is garbage, just look at US editions, we get scr**ed by SCEE again, where's the sackboy, where's the book end, best ever CE is US only.

Plus US CE has Ratchet & Clank, Jack & Daxter costumes, in Europe they're added to different retailers to pre-orders, so you can't get them all (without paying extra), what a bunch of F___ !!!!!!!11

fooltheman2778d ago

yeah, but do you think they do this on purpose?

Shadow Flare2778d ago

That does suck but technically couldn't we just order the US collectors edition anyway? PS3 games are region free after all. Maybe the case might be larger and increase the shipping cost though. This does suck though. And Media Molecule themselves are English, so why are we getting shafted?

Red_Orange_Juice2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

well it wasn't an accident right? they were aware of US edition and how much less they're giving to us, so pretty much technically it was on purpose

fooltheman2778d ago

Most of the time us and eu work independently..
they need to work together for such things

Yi-Long2778d ago

... and again and again and again.

And importing isn't really an option, simply because you run a big risk of having to pay extra taxes when you import it, plus an extra cost to the post-office, and that's even without considering that the DLC might be region-locked...

It's just absolutely fucking ridiculous how Sony keeps mistreating their european customers like this.

Not that I'm surprised btw. I already called this a long time ago. I just knew that we, once again, would get shafted big time.

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sinncross2778d ago

At least Tron-boy looks awesome!

vhero2778d ago

EU got gimped.. It's funny though the Americans will still claim EU get everything off Sony though..

Yi-Long2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

... and for what? Why is it so fucking hard to just give us in Europe the exact same Collector's Edition as they get elsewhere!?

Fucking SCEE... always screwing us over. Activision and Bobby are getting stiff competition from SCEE in their war against loyal customers...

SuperM2778d ago

to be fair, they did say that the collectors edition would have more content that would differ from country to country, so we still dont know all the content that will be in the package

Davoh2778d ago

If they were planning on keeping any extra content as a surprise they should really start considering letting the cat out the bag as right now there's a lot of angry and disappointed fans.

Squall50052778d ago

MediamMolecule are a UK based studio too. Why are they giving the 2 fingered salut to us Brits? They need to sort this out ASAP!

DigitalAnalog2778d ago

Especially if the developer is from the UK. This barely classifies as a "special" edition let alone "collecting".

Oh well, at least I pre-ordered the superior US version.

-End statement

Squall50052778d ago

I've created a Facebook group to get Media Molecule to see the error of their ways. Although I doubt it will work.

Feel feel to join anyway. That includes you too, US gamers. After all, we did give you a hand in WW2 =P

the group is called:

'Get the US Collector's Editon of LittleBigPlanet 2 released in the UK'

If you can think of a more catchy name I will change it =P

Nate-Dog2778d ago

Why did MM announce the other version such a long time ago, take it down from the likes of Amazon and then re-announce this garbage? Big, big disappointment MM, BIG.

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Lucreto2778d ago

It is gimped no doubt about it.

Not even half of the content the US got.

I wouldn't be as annoyed if it was a US company who made the game as it would be expected to get less content but a UK company shunning Europe I expected more from them.

sarshelyam2778d ago

I'm a bit surprised. It's usually us in the states that are whining about the killer CE's Europe gets, but now we win in a CE bargain? I feel bad for those folks across the pond, but that's the beauty of PS3...just import ours ladies and gents.

DigitalRaptor2778d ago

Not as easy as that. DLC might be region specific.

Rayz3d6yW0lves2778d ago

shafting a large chunk of their fanbase?
Ive never understood why these gaming companies do that, why not release the same content worldwide? I'm looking at you xbox live and psn+

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