Blu-ray Still Continues To Dominate HD Sales

New data from Home Media Research shows that Blu-ray is continuing to lead in high definition media sales. As of August 5th, the top 10 best selling high definition movies are all available on Blu-ray, and half of those exclusive to the format. Warner Brother's '300' leads the pack, followed by 'The Departed', 'Casino Royale', 'Planet Earth', and 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest'.

Noticeably absent from the list is Universal who didn't have a title which sold enough copies break into the top 20. Paramount made it to 17th with their release of 'Babel', but if there wasn't a Blu-ray version of the title, it would have fell well short of making the list. All Blu-ray studios were represented in the Top 20 (including Lionsgate with their release of 'Crank').

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Lord Anubis4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

you beat me to submission. :(

No surprises here. What is ironic is that Paramounts blue ray version of babel sold made it to the top 20. Universal had no titles in the 20's. Eh, poor them. Lets see how it does with Ultimatum.

Goshyujin_Sama4071d ago

Blue-ray is just the better choice, and in my will win this format war.

PimpHandHappy4071d ago

good news for the blueray!

Lets me start this off right! :-)

My parnets taught me well and they never owned beta tapes! They would be happy to know there son was as smart as them!

12months from now HD-DVD will be this gens beta!

ok back on warhawk


GrizAdams4071d ago

Too bad your parents didn't teach you how to spell.

coltsfreak184071d ago

Look at the aggregate sales on the link (a magazine, type HD16 to find the page) only one paramount and that is babel at 17. i wonder how BOG would've done on blu-ray. i like both formats, but i think blu is gonna win

Lord Anubis4071d ago

typed HD16 on the mag but nothing came up.

coltsfreak184071d ago

you type HD16 just like that. and it says HD16-HD17 and it takes a while to load

Foliage4071d ago

It's going to be hard to spin this one.

Makroyale4071d ago

Paramount just went HD-DVD exlcusive and now people are buying HD players up. If you go to, HD-DVD sales are in the lead right now.

I said I would try.

But no, Bluray is winning, and will win unless HD-DVD gets Warner to go HD-DVD exclusive. I guess the best statement would be.

If things stay the status quo, Bluray will win the format war.

Loudninja4071d ago

dotn you worry about that LOL

Foliage4071d ago

Of course HD-DVD sales are up on Amazon. They are giving away 8 for free with the purchase of the HD-DVD add-on.

PlayStation3604071d ago

lol well bubble+ for at least giving it the ol' college try. lol

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