PS3 VF5 online patch for $10.00?

Possible news of an online patch for VF5 available at the price of 10.00 USD.

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THE_JUDGE4125d ago

Screw that! We bought the same game as the 360's and they get online free and we have to pay $10???? I for one won't be buying, Tekken owns!

ReBurn4125d ago

It should be free, but if it is $10 I guess that isn't too bad. After all, you can find the game used for around $30. If you paid full price for it then that does suck.

Goshyujin_Sama4125d ago

It should be free, but for 10 bucks, I will upgrade my beloved fighter so I can bash some heads in. Personally im sick of playing the computer. And I love Tekken, but VF5 is also a good game, and after seeing how well it sold on PS3 vs. the 360 version the devs woke up and saw that they were fools to not include online for the PS3 version. Thank god they came to their senses and realized that PS3 users deserve an online mode.

Seraphim4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

exactly... Virtua Fighter 5 is $40 Brand New for the PS3. You can easily find it for $20-30 used. So even w/ a download for online at $10 its still cheaper than the 360 version which will cost $60... It's still a hefty price to pay for an online mode, but overall the game w/ the download is still a very reasonable price to pay...

sticky doja4125d ago

Feel bad for you guys that will have to pay $10 if you do pay it, but 360 owners have been having to pay for d/l'able content for like R6V and GRAW 2 that you guys are getting for free on release.

socomnick4125d ago

yea but we have had the game six months before you and a better looking version. Its cool that you guys got the extra stuff vegas and graw 2 are great games.

Sovannah Phum4125d ago

could someone translate the site? and 10 bucks one time is not bad. xbox live is 50 bucks a year...

reaferfore204125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Not that I really liked this game or anything, but doesn't it cost money to play online for the 360 version? Seeing as you have to pay for XBL? So it really is about the same if not cheaper for the PS3 to play online. But yes, this should have already been a feature of the game before it was released.

and sticky doja: Share somma that sh!t with me mang :D

djtek1844125d ago

its about time ps3 started charging for content.

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MUGEN4125d ago

the actual article says nothing about money. it just says a online patch could come.

sajj3164125d ago

for server support ...

DEADEND4125d ago

Thats not bad at all just think about it this way, would you rather not have it at all or pay $10 for it. Before people were complaining about how the 360 is getting it with online and everyone was mad about that, now they're giving it to us and everyone is mad because they are charging us $10. Its no be deal people just be happy we have it and that 360 fanboys can't talk crap anymore, plus now we have 2 PS3 fighting games to play online.

Ps3Fanboy7774125d ago

For those who bought it you got screwed.

I say no one buy it because they did screw the ps3 although being as the xbox version looks like plastic barbie doll characters im not sure thats any better.

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The story is too old to be commented.