Pro-G Previews: Mass Effect

Pro-G's Luke Gutteridge writes: "I'm taken with how ambitious Mass Effect is, BioWare having clearly devoted vast quantities of time and resources to what they hope will be a truly epic experience. Visually, characters look stunning, as do some of the environments. The interface also looks very well crafted, and assuming the plot can be integrated well with character development, character interaction and combat then I can see few problems ahead for the title.

That said, this is no mean feat, and certain elements of the gameplay as well as the side quests which give the game its grandiose scope look a touch incomplete presently. We await further developments on this title with interest."

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M1am1U4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

I can only hope that it lives up to the lofty expectations being placed on it. Pro-G seemed very optimistic about it, but we'll find out soon enough since a firm street date was finally announced. I can't wait! 8)


Mass Effect will Rock !!! I think the release date is 11/20.

Bioware ALWAYS delivers.

M1am1U4071d ago

I think it's going to be an amazing game. GOTY contender, IMO.