PS3 playing backups from HDD or USB

If this video is legit and the news is correct, the PS3 can play backups from HDD or USB with the [email protected] Team PS3 loader. To be released 9 September.

That's pretty soonish, so you all will know if it is the truth or a lie within a few weeks... If it's true, Sony has a huge problem. BluRay isn't the problem at all, so that copyright protection is pretty useless.

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Clinton5143921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Love how that site is blowing a couple of unconfirmed hax'ing out of proportion. For one... Blu-Ray has nothing to do with people pirating. I'd like to see games really stream from a USB device when there is 10+ gigs of data to consider. Not to mention ripping that amount onto a standard PS3 HDD.

'Flopaganda' at it's best.

Foliage3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

The AV cable disappears behind the conveniently placed curtain for a reason.

gaffyh3921d ago

How do you play a game freom the PS3 hard drive when it is FAT32 and only supports 4GB of data for 1 file maximum?

How come these videos always have really crappy angles?

timmyp533921d ago

know how do i brick my console again?

Cornstalker3921d ago

is still tring to digg up neg news. You need to look at your own system that has the highest failure rate of the 3,and it seems that it just keeps happening. quit digging up garbage, and go play the almighty overrated failure.

DEADEND3921d ago

It would be funny if he was trying to use this against the PS3 when people like my friends have been burning 360 games since January, thats the only reason why most of my friends even bought a 360. Plus this might not work anyway.

ShiftyLookingCow3921d ago

Cops would love to talk to your wonderful friends about the nice guy aka mod chip seller.

hongthay3921d ago

The 360 came out in November 2005, by February 2006, they were selling modified Xbox 360 consoles that could play copied games. It only took 4 months to crack the 360. The Wii took about 6 weeks. And, if this is true, which it does bot look to be by the way, the PS3 took 10 months. So, there DRM did hold up for a while. But ditto what that other guy said about the PS3 hard drive being FAT32 and only holding a 4gb section of data per unit. The only game that would work for would be Warhawk.

Chriswsm3921d ago

What a crap vid with an unrealistic story. Next time they should consider using the camera to film the screen and not then entire room.

Story and video = pants

jodonn083921d ago

i dont understnad what playing backups does can someone explain it to me

3921d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.