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PS3 playing backups from HDD or USB

If this video is legit and the news is correct, the PS3 can play backups from HDD or USB with the Ottom@n Team PS3 loader. To be released 9 September.

That's pretty soonish, so you all will know if it is the truth or a lie within a few weeks... If it's true, Sony has a huge problem. BluRay isn't the problem at all, so that copyright protection is pretty useless. (PS3)

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Clinton514  +   2888d ago
HDD Size
Love how that site is blowing a couple of unconfirmed hax'ing out of proportion. For one... Blu-Ray has nothing to do with people pirating. I'd like to see games really stream from a USB device when there is 10+ gigs of data to consider. Not to mention ripping that amount onto a standard PS3 HDD.

'Flopaganda' at it's best.
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Foliage  +   2888d ago
The AV cable disappears behind the conveniently placed curtain for a reason.
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gaffyh  +   2888d ago
How do you play a game freom the PS3 hard drive when it is FAT32 and only supports 4GB of data for 1 file maximum?

How come these videos always have really crappy angles?
timmyp53  +   2888d ago
know how do i brick my console again?
Cornstalker  +   2888d ago
The Mart
is still tring to digg up neg news. You need to look at your own system that has the highest failure rate of the 3,and it seems that it just keeps happening. quit digging up garbage, and go play the almighty overrated failure.
DEADEND  +   2888d ago
It would be funny if he was trying to use this against the PS3 when people like my friends have been burning 360 games since January, thats the only reason why most of my friends even bought a 360. Plus this might not work anyway.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2888d ago
Cops would love to talk to your wonderful friends about the nice guy aka mod chip seller.
hongthay  +   2888d ago
Pirated Games for the 360
The 360 came out in November 2005, by February 2006, they were selling modified Xbox 360 consoles that could play copied games. It only took 4 months to crack the 360. The Wii took about 6 weeks. And, if this is true, which it does bot look to be by the way, the PS3 took 10 months. So, there DRM did hold up for a while. But ditto what that other guy said about the PS3 hard drive being FAT32 and only holding a 4gb section of data per unit. The only game that would work for would be Warhawk.
Chriswsm  +   2888d ago
What a crap vid with an unrealistic story. Next time they should consider using the camera to film the screen and not then entire room.

Story and video = pants
jodonn08  +   2888d ago
i dont understnad what playing backups does can someone explain it to me
-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   2888d ago
it's illegal, so I won't tell you ;)
Funky Town_TX  +   2888d ago
Ppl that steal games suck
If a company spends time and money and makes a kick a$$ game I have no problem spending my $$ on them. This is what makes the industry work. If we steal all our games then kick a$$ games will stop coming. We will be stuck with games like Lair and Blue Dragon to play.
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vickers500  +   2887d ago
I'd only steal the games that suck, that I was remotely interested in. I would pay for any game that was actually good though.
Geewhizz  +   2888d ago
it means you can download and play pirated games (not sid meyers)!

This is ok to risk on psp but on ps3????? Na dont think so!!!
vaan  +   2888d ago
I don't want to play back ups on my ps3, but I would like a loader to allow unsigned code to work.
Then we could see a 'homebrew' DivX player!
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2888d ago
I think this is a pathetic load of bull. Nice try XboxKings.
Azures  +   2888d ago
TheMART posting an unconfirmed inflammatory ps3 rumor with a shady video, nothing to see here.
Nameless  +   2888d ago
Shiro Sonians have their fair share of crap stories like this for the XBOX 360 so dont act like you Sonians are innocent from this type of stuff.
Azures  +   2888d ago
Yea cause we all know two wrongs make a right. Jackass.
Frances-the-Mute  +   2888d ago
not sure this will kick off, looks cheap
Fux4Bux  +   2888d ago
Hardly matters. Not cost effective any way you look at it. The games are just too huge to be storing or burning without spending more than you would've on the games to begin with.
Mu5afir  +   2888d ago
You can't go online..
You can't go online with the Ps3 if you don't have the latest firmware. You expect people to play games from firmware 1.8 when, you need to upgrade your firmware to even go online with the Ps3.

Furthermore, to load the game off the HDD would mean the game is being SOFTWARE emulated. I doubt the game could run from a software emulation over the Ps3 OS.

And why do all of these supposed hacks always have videos 900 feet away form the screen, barely show the system. And sometimes are done completely in the dark.
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kornbeaner  +   2888d ago
This is garbage. The video says that any game that requires FW above 1.70 to play will not play. Most PS3 owner with internet have already upgraded to 1.9, so this will be useless to all, but 10% of the total PS3 users.
rev20  +   2888d ago
Check the site its from and the poster, and the rest guys is history

Good night :)
Nameless  +   2888d ago
Oh look the Sonian goes right to insulting as usual
WilliamRLBaker  +   2888d ago
lol we all know its true
sony has all ways made easily hackable systems, ps1, ps2 we're both hacked within a month of release.
FirstknighT  +   2888d ago
Oh no question...
IT WILL HAPPEND!!! But when will it happend???
gEnKiE  +   2888d ago
Stupid cheapa$$$, play the game the way it was intended....
rsebes  +   2888d ago
Umm this is news?
This isn't anything new. I've known about this for a long time maybe since January. Doesn't everyone know that the ps3 runs linux and other OS?
d3l33t  +   2888d ago
xboxkings.com confirm ps3 HDD back ups doesn't make sense in my book. Then again my book is written in Latin.
razer  +   2888d ago
and I can download pretty much every single PS3 title right now off the internet.. No Blu-ray needed and it's even funnier to see how big(or should I say small) the actual games are with all the BS about only being possible on Blu-ray.

There has never been a locked made that can't be picked. It was bound to happen sooner or later, it's just a shame with the already small install base of the PS3 the developers are really going to feel it when a bunch of those people are playing their games for free..
-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   2888d ago
your sexy Xbox360 was hacked when it had the install base the size of the PS3base now. Maybe even sooner. All you had to do is fash your DVD drive. Not anything harder than flashing the ordinary DVD drive for a common PC. The PS3 hackers actually have a very hard time doing it.

Anyway, I hope they hack it soon because a hacked machine is way better and more capable than the closed one. Imagine the possibilities of custom PS3 firmware! A firmware that needs no patent and other licences, no DRM, free of managers and lawyers! Pure programming freedom.
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-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   2888d ago
what I really don't understand is that those xboxkings sound as if they're happy that Sony is "screwed" by pirates. Like it's a 1:0 for Xbox. Like they don't know that you can already play pirated games on the Xbox for a long time.

So, if anyone is screwed, that's every other console than PS3, because it's the only console that you can't run pirated games on.

Anyway, pirating is hardly screwing. Pirates help drive hardware sales and expand the base for a console. At least that's on paper because those people are not buying games. What do you think people play outside of USA/Europe/Japan? I'll tell you: "backups". They don't care if they'll be able to go online because PSN isn't even supported in their countries.
redsymphony  +   2888d ago
red symphony
biggest lie since M$ saying xbox 360 is not faulty
Lumbo  +   2888d ago
That page has the most active Forum ever:
19 posts in 12 topics
registered users: 16


The "ottoman loader" is the same as the "paradox loader" aka vaporware.
How a system that is unhacked for 9 month now, compared to the stunning 3 month the 360 "protection" worked, is "screwed while the other seemingly is not is beyond me, but then... its from TheMart ...
Zor  +   2888d ago
There is something called, playing the newest games only with a firmware update, good look updating your PS3 to be able to do jack if you have this, anyway, it looks so crappy I could have done it with photo shop and final cut pro 2.0, the video, not the copying of the games lol

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