Next-Gen Turok Images

Here are some new images of Turok coming on next gen consoles.

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Gamer134115d ago

Turok on the ps2 was good, im looking forward to this game.

Scythesean4115d ago

yeah I want this game it looks sweet. Another to add to my long awaited PS3 List

UNREAL-T4115d ago

i cant wait for this game.

UNREAL-T4115d ago

This game looks better than all 360 games right now

Marriot VP4115d ago

who's retarded son are you?? Those pictures are mediocre at best in the next gen. And their from a MAGAZINE....NOT GAMEPLAY. Everyone knows that magazine and pictures are always touched up and not what your gonna see in the game.

silent ninja4115d ago

knid of reminds of king kong

n64 version were good lets this one is better

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