Bioshock makes Halo look 'amateurish': Review

A reviewer at the Vancouver Sun might have gone a bit overboard in his Bioshock review, calling Halo amateurish in comparison.

"It is a crowning achievement for 2K Games and makes Halo -- widely considered the most influential first-person shooter of all time -- look amateurish."

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power of Green 4126d ago

Halo 3 makes Bioshock seem like Duke Nukem.

Both games have AI but Halo's co-op & new vehicle based combat(game within a game) will put Bioshock to shame.

Ignorant Fanboy4125d ago

Im gonna love both of them.

But, I swear Halos gonna give me the RROD Im gonna play it so much. Im still on my launch console so if Halo doesnt kill my 360, nothing will.

Captain Tuttle4126d ago

2 totally different games trying to do 2 totally different things.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4126d ago

But Halo 3 is the big name. But if you just compare them in quality, Bioshock is better. First off Bioshock is art, Halo 3 is just a frag game.

ktchong4126d ago

The game is not even out yet, and most magazines have not even reviewed it yet.

IQUITN4G4126d ago

Playing through Bio now and the claim that it's better than Halo, is apart from being a little pointless anyway, simply not the case.They are both quite different in their aproach of course but Bio isn't as great as the staggering amount of 10's suggest it to be.9/10 i'd say.

I'm very much enjoying my time in rapture and this game certainly needs to be played through at least once - more like a few times at least i'd say to get the most out of it.

Hatchetforce4125d ago

Bioshock is art and HALO is not? You know nothing of art or you would realize that HALO is masterful, artistic storytelling. Here is the best part.

It is the art of enjoyment and a world of fnas are not wrong about that. Let's see which game manages to have a social impact despite one ogf the titles being offered on 2 platforms. Bioshock is a good game but it misses the greatness HALO has achieved THUS FAR by a country mile.

I sense sheer snobbery among people that would give anything to see HALO dethroned. Well I have news mr pretender-to-the-throne. Ain't happening.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4126d ago

Haze is gonna pump Master Chief full of nectar.

DixieNormS4126d ago

Overhyped as a Halo Killer and end up flat on its face. While Halo 3 might not have a great single player or look as fantastic as Bioshock. The replay value of Halo 3 will out shine any FPS coming out in the next 3 years. I'm sorry but even Unreal T can't touch Halo on Multiplayer madness. If you disagree with me its only because you suck at Halo or are a sony fan flat out.

Hatchetforce4125d ago

Haze will be good I think but not another HALO. Not by far. Part of the problem with Haze isn't the game, it is the dev team. There is such a thing as too much info. It is like seeing those trailers that give you the entire movie. What's left to see.

On the otherhand, Haze isn't going to be Killzone. But it won't be Killzone 2 either.

Anal4126d ago

Haze is looking great IMO. BUT!! Bioshock on my pc is LOOKING SWEET!!! Whats so great about halo? Same old graphics and gameplay. Yawn

ktchong4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

PS3 is not getting either Halo 3 or BioShock -- both are Microsoft's exclusives.

DrPirate4125d ago

Odd...I bought it on Steam.

Steam = Direct Competitors with MS. And unlike the console wars, Steam is taking GFWL down to hell and lower.

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