Killzone 3 sensitivity test

This video shows how fast Killzone 3 is at 100% sensitivity.

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THunt2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Wow, people are still babbling about this garbage?

First Killzone 2 was announced and Xbox fans and Windows gamers went ballistic that no game ever look that good.

Then Sony rocked the world with realtime gameplay on the PS3 that matched what all the Xbox and Windows 'graphics experts' claimed was 'impossible CGI level graphics':

Trailer left, Realtime PS3 Graphics Right

Then the attempts to trash the game switched to if the graphics are that good then the game obviously sucks.

The unprecedented AI of Killzone 2 was shown off, the innovative cover systems, etc.

So then the smears switched to the multiplayer must suck.

And then all the people in the multiplayer beta started raving about how it was the best online fps they ever played.

Out of things to smear Killzone 2 they then came up with the lies about the controls. No easy way to prove they were lies since anyone and everyone who doesn't have the game or ever played can post about how 'teh controls suck'.

The sickening desperation to trash this masterpiece should nauseate any real gamer.

Chapulin2753d ago

I wonder what the reviews r gonna say. To me K2 is the best FPS this gen. K3 is gonna take it to the next level.

Cevapi882753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

im not liking the floating effect of the player...idk why GG is trying to appease all the CoD fans

in KZ2 you actually felt like you were taking real steps when you moved your might just be this guy turning the sensitivity all the way up, if its the same effect on default ill be saddened

Odin7772753d ago

@Cevapi88 It really doesn't feel all that much different from KZ2. It does feel smoother and a little more precise, but I definitely wouldn't call it "floaty".

2753d ago
Cevapi882753d ago

thats good to know...all i have are videos to judge from

thank you

PS360PCROCKS2753d ago

"To me K2 is the best FPS this gen. K3 is gonna take it to the next level."

Well i'll respectfully disagree because it's YOUR opinion. KZ3 does seem to be a huge step in the right direction for any issue KZ2 had. KZ2 was a very good game though. I personally think modern warfare 1 was the best FPS this gen so far, the campaign was excellent.

Gamehead362753d ago

this looks way too damn floaty to me. I loved killzone 2, and killzone 3 looks to stray far from it in terms mechanics. I hope when I play it it doesn't feel the way it looks from these videos.

Viper72753d ago

I disagree with you both, Call of duty4 modern warfare did excel in multi-player department but the single player was decent at best. Sure look at all the pretty graphics, but the plot is just basic "OMG terrorists have nukes, we must stop em!" and the gameplay is just shoot at the popping heads and play tennis with grenades.

For me Bioshock is so far the best. Bioshock2 was nice but didn't like the way they made it more "run and gun" than the first which was awesome on survivor difficulty + no vita chambers.

Killzone2 was nice, good balance in single player and multiplayer focus. The plot was nothing to mention about and it was pretty basic fps game. Ai impressed me tough, it was not about popping heads as the enemy is constantly chancing its position so you can't just wait the head to pop up and fire away.

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Raikiri2753d ago

Killzone's level design is what enables them to pull it off, Its not very open.

Hoje03082753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Keep telling yourself that as you write another letter to Santa asking for a PS3 this Christmas. Gears has levels that are similar in size yet it doesn't look nearly as good. Doesn't have the effects, physics or AI either. Also, you obviously haven't been keeping up on the beta news. K3 has maps that are absolutely huge, while still managing to improve on the already stellar graphics of its predecessor. Even your 'Box buddies agree:

Some quotes from the article:

"Corinth Highway takes place on and around a massive highway, and is the largest map in the beta. Every time that I play it, I still catch myself saying “Wow!” at the sheer size of the map."

"Frozen Dam is, as it’s name implies, a massive frozen dam somewhere far North in the seas of Helghan. It’s an absolutely gorgeous display of what the PlayStation 3 is capable of, from tiny snowflakes in the air that dynamically change with the wind, to a roaring river below that showcases some of the most beautiful water that I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing."

Oh, and for an open-world game whose graphics still destroy anything else on another console, please find some footage of inFamous 2.


Actually most Killzone 2 maps are pretty big for those 32 players, they are designed to look smaller and promote close combat instead of everyone sniper camping, like Corinth Crossing (look at the total lenth of the bridge, it's huge, but most people walk under it through platforms and stairs and fight takes place mostly over two smaller open areas under the bridge and the one over it), Visari Hammer (it's a big circular area but you can only navigate through corridors to the main area which is pretty open, but the objectives within it are usually in 3 towers over some shelters with ammo that have like 2 or 3 entrances each, most marks are only accessible through elevated platforms so it has a lot of covers and stairs here and there) and also Salamun Market (which is not just horizontally big but it also pretty vertical, there are two pretty big corridors that let you see how big this map is, but most of the area is made of tiny rooms and stairs so the fight keeps close).

But nothing screams HUGE like really open maps with some far betwee buildings, and that is Pyrrhus Rising. Just try to sniper one base to the other than try to walk to there after, that's pretty long walk.

I believe Tharsis Depot is the smallest map of Killzone 2. And it's pretty empty too. But even that you have some main buildings with 2 or 3 floors and elevated platforms connecting them. Except for this tiny map all of them are equal or bigger than the big maps in COD4.

So... I don't know what the hell is Raikiri complaining at!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Killzone 2 is for people that have a lot of skills, that is why you can see a lot people is complaining about the controllers, because they don't have the skills, not even to practice to master the controllers.

kaveti66162753d ago

Skills? It's a game, man. Engineers have a lot of skills. Killzone players get used to a controller input in 5 minutes.

DaCajun2753d ago

KZ2 for people with lots of skills? LMAO Yea that's why everyone was trying to get their drones out first or place a turret down first. Those turrets and drones were accurate as hell and would pull off head shots which I thought was BS that they counted toward the kill count of the one who placed it down because people would set them up then just camp in a corner. Like every other game people want it do do the work for their sad lazy no skill butts. So explain to me what was the skill in the auto turrets getting kills for you? Plus KZ2 had just as many pathetic campers as every COD game and if you don't think so then you are just blinded by your fanboyism. Skill my a$$.

Not to mention the auto aim glitch for the shotgun they had at one point. The over powered assault class that had speed boost. The only gun I used with that class was the revolver most of the time you could just use speed boost and melee the crap out of everyone and leave before they noticed. Did this hundreds of time and let me tell you no skill required. But I have to say after I got the revolver that was the only gun I used after that, one hits kills every time except against assault class took 2 hits.

I really liked playing KZ2 but you fanboys make me laugh with your pathetic delusions. The game was not perfect just like every other game out there. No such thing as a perfect game because people are all different and the things we like are all different therefore nothing can be made to satisfy everyone.

The controls in COD are unrealistic and arcadish but YES the controls were laggy in KZ2 and needed to be fixed because in real life when I want my body to do something even in battle gear it instantly does what I want. Yes little kids I was in the military and I know what its like to wear this gear.

Also don't forget to thank the people who put their real life on the line to keep your country safe the real veterans on veterans day Nov. 11th in the US or anywhere in the world for that matter.

SmokeyMcBear2753d ago

girls only want boyfriends that have great kz2 skills.... gosh.

Snakefist302753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Actually only cod fanboys are always complain abut the KZ controls!!


I partially agree with DaCajun.

I believe Killzone controls/gameplay used to require some skills in one point (when the game released and the multiplayer controllers were more like the singleplayer part of it, with a lot more recoil and ZERO auto aim), but as they stand now, they are hardly any more complicate than COD, for sure there is more recoil and there is the fact that it's kind of harder to run and gun, the characther acts a bit more reallistic when running or jumping as it have more weight to it... But the class system make up for it easily.

Don't matter how hard it could have been if you can put a turret or drone that will kill for you. Also some classes and weapons (shotgun anyone?) are way overpowered. And that auto aim that once became part of it was as crap as it got (I simply abandomned the game and only came back after they fixed that).

Killzone maps have some great design for people wanting to play it like it's meant too, but unfortunelly the turrets make it campers paradise. You need to enter a run, turn left and there is a corridor that leads to the objective... You run, make the sharp turn and BAM, there is the turret waiting for you, and it's engineer is nowhere to be seen, probably crawling under some table laughing at your face...

What I really want from Killzone 3 is a hardcore more. High damage/Low health gauge, no respawn ('till next game mode come up, only keep spawn when needed as in Assassination, at least for defending the VIP, but the respawn could take longer), no turrets, no drones, no classes advantage (any weapon works, but no special habilities). Just two leveled teams working against each other in five game types coming up per match. The cleaver one wins.

It wouldn't necessarilly takes more skills but it sure as hell would reward those who play as a team and make everyone think twice before just running to Radec Academy courtyard and spray each other like there were no tomorrow.

killedinaction92753d ago

no no its the other way around.
The people with skills hate this game because of the stupid lag.The people who play this game have no skills because they can`t tell the difference.

Even seananners hates it

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Finalfantasykid2753d ago

The multiplayer in KZ2 doesn't have as much of the heavyness to it (the massive acceleration that the gun had while rotating). They decided to go with a more constant speed with the multiplayer.

I think the same seems to be in effect with KZ3, albeit the screen does seem to be moving much faster than in did in KZ2. Also I am glad they were able to reduce the input latency. IMO the latency was not a part of the 'heavyness' but an actual bug or performance issue. The fact that it existed in the menus proves that it had nothing to do with the heavyness, but rather an actual problem. So it is great to hear that they have reduced this.

DeathMetal2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Windows gamers have plenty of games that look better than blurzone LOL. Tiny corridor shooter that runs at 25 FPS with loading screens in the middle of the game soo impressive. unprecedented AI CGI level graphics LOLOLOL. It's a cool game but that is delusional.

baodeus2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

@THunt, hoje0308

Since you two claim that KZ2 is a technical marvel, then perhaps you can prove it by explaining exactly why KZ2 is a technical Marvel like the type of engine, lighting, texture, animation, physics calculation, AI and all that technical goodies that GG used in KZ2. Compare that to other games on other system and how GG be able develop unmatched techs (only possible w/ PS3) that other games haven't used yet.

Example (in technical term please)
1. How KZ2 AI are better than other games?
2. How KZ2 animation are better
3. How KZ2 texture are better?
4. How KZ2 lighting is better?
5. How KZ2 physics is better (like the wind actually have physical properties)?

If it gets too technical, perhaps, you can just simply explain some of the observations/questions i had about KZ2 technical aspect here:

I would love to learn more about it from u since you know every technical aspect of KZ2 (based on your claim) and how it outshine everything else out there.

thief2753d ago

“ fight like individuals who are imbued with extremely human fight-or-flight instincts...the Helghast are no such idiots. They will duck behind bunkers if shot at, retreat if overwhelmed, and remember your position with deadly aggression. They will use every tactic in the book to force you to reveal yourself, and once you do, they'll swarm. If you try a new approach, they'll react accordingly, and move across the maps with no invisible orchestration. There are certainly times in the single player campaign where battles are as liberating and unpredictable as playing a multiplayer match. It's exciting, progressive stuff, and one gets the feeling that after Killzone 2, pre-programmed puppets simply won't suffice. “
“the opposing forces aren't dumb in Killzone 2. If a Helghastians is pressed up against a concrete pillar or wooden crate and you've punched enough holes in the obstacle to make it useless, don't expect the bad guy to sit there and take it. These guys will react and move in tactical, group dynamics.”

“Over 100 death animations in the final game. Basically, it all depends on where the bullet enters the unfortunate body; that will dictate the reaction, as it should. This could range from instant drops from head-shots to “

“Amazing texture work for the ground. Never before on a console game have the ground textures been so realistic, featuring individual gravel rocks and glistening effects on pools of water...renders the same high quality graphics on structures as well, showcasing an unprecedented amount of detail in cracks, rubble, and steel rebar that extrudes from concrete ruins.”

“Killzone 2 uses a multitude of lighting effects applied in real-time on a situation-by-situation basis. This is by far the most complex and impressive lighting engine created for a console video game...most video games do not use this type of lighting because it's not only difficult to code - but uses an enormous amount of processing power.”
“Most games have around four light sources....Killzone 2 development director Arjan Brussee demonstrated a scene featuring 230 different light sources, including multiple lights on flying sentry bots.... incredible 350 light sources in one Killzone 2 scene....Helghast's glowing eyes cast light on both themselves and other objects”


visualb2753d ago

its the craziest FPS i've ever played gameplay wise

Imagine KZ2, but with SUPER SMOOTH and RESPONSIVE controls. I had to get used to it, it was too nice =P

and then add the jet pack?

I tell you this, JET pack VS JET PACK = the most unique FPS experience since Portal, it was so new and different it took a while to sink in, but wow is it amazing.

Over all, the controls are 100% perfect IMHO, you run faster, smoother, no dead zone, and its super responsive. Only problem still is recoil (too little), but its a small detail.

over all, it was insanely awesome =) - Can't wait to see people finding glitches in the oil rig with the jet pack xD

dragunrising2753d ago

People still play Killzone 2 online?

With that said, multiplayer was OK. Otherwise, many people wouln't have stopped playing it after they reached all 16 ranks. The limited weapons and iffy controls also didn't help.

The campaign AI was ok in many instances, horrible in others.

When you treat every PS3 exclusive as a "god game" your unable to critique it or find any fault at all. I bet you couldn't say anything critical about Killzone 2 at all. And if you did, you couldn't go into detail.

Killzone 2 was a good game in my opinion. Killzone 3 is looking to be great. Lose the fanboyism.

Also, the only people bashing Killzone 2/3 are the fanboy's on this site. You won't find the same level of fanboy fanaticism anywhere else on the web.

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Vegeta90002753d ago

It feels more like a CoD clone with reduced health (or over powered weapons), regenerating health to full online (also meaning less people use team work), there is hardly any recoil in the weapons (they even patched in recoil and it still failed to feel like it had recoil), they took out custom games and server lists were replaced by matchmaking.

Overall, the KZ2 beta was better than the KZ3 beta and KZ2 will still be the better game. I'll just rent KZ3 for the campaign only and then go right back to playing KZ2's multiplayer.

alphakennybody2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

If that truly is the case, i'll buy it only for sp for I truly love the KZ universe. Then stick with kz2 for mp.

On topic: Pretty disappointed if they enable you to turn that fast, where did all the from gravity from kz2 go?

yewles12753d ago

Thank the CoD noobs for this.

Takoulya2753d ago

In all honesty, you can turn this fast in real life too, even when carrying an 8 Pound AR. MW2's max sensitivity though is insane.

raztad2753d ago

Cod clone? far from it. I'm enjoying the beta a lot and as I did with KZ2, kz3 will be day one buy.

visualb2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I played the oil rig level (start, jetpack and wasp) and it IS killzone with better response time

MP i don't know, but I'm sure so as long as its fun, and it retains the KZ feel, its fine

P.S. i always felt that KZ2 MP enemies were unrealistic bullet sponges, I prefer a bit less health tbh, especially since levels are bigger

bigger levels = less health, makes sense or else it'd take forever to get kills

Sitris2753d ago

The recoil after the patch is much better, or though i do want the server lists back, matchmaking sucks.

Dsnyder2753d ago

Those graphics give me a good boner.

Sitris2753d ago

I hate those damn things, like the unexplained ones, they suck lol

Man, i sound so immature lol i gotta start acting my age, i'm considered an adult now :P

rdgneoz32753d ago

Remember, you're as young as the women you sleep with. So factor that into how old you have to act.

As for the game, looks beautiful. Hoping I get a beta invite soon.

ELite_Ghost2753d ago

yea this game looks amazing!

Kyur4ThePain2753d ago

It still seems as if you're only about 2 feet tall.

pr0digyZA2753d ago

lol I was playing KZ2 last night and I noticed that as well, I was always looking up at everyone.

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