Entertainment Weekly's Exclusive First Look: Halo 3

Entertainment Weekly (EW) was recently invited to the suburban Bungie studios in Seattle, Washington, to take an early look at the game - and EW returned with some exclusive images.

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Norad64120d ago

For those who still say this game's graphics suck, are only in denial or they are just trolling. In the 5th screenshot, that water looks amazing.

Vojkan4120d ago

Water effect are nothing new, ever next gen game has good water effects, but i agree graphics are very very good.

PS360PCROCKS4120d ago

Where are the two jackasses of the day? Lightning and the guy with a worm being poked as an avatar, come on guys your on Halo like a fly on sh!t comparing Haze and every other game to it. What did you miss this article? anyways looks great agree on the water, disagree on that every next gen game has great water.

otherZinc4120d ago

This game looks fantastic, I knew BUNGIE wouldnt disappoint with the graphics.

dinkeldinkse4120d ago

I've seen better graphics.Then again graphics don't matter, its gameplay that does matter.Isn't that right halo fanboys?

IQUITN4G4120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

Let us not forget that you think anyone over the age of 34 is pathetic if they continue to play these games.Your opinion is obviously a bit sh!t pal.

This is what you wrote on another article.

"48.7 - Adropacrich2
Your 34 years old and your gamer? Wow, thats pathetic.After 25, your a loser if you do still do that.So please move out of your parent's basement. GIJeff your not the only person that hates halo. Biggest bust ever"

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