Thompson and 2K Come To Blows Over Manhunt 2

GamePolitics is serving up email transcripts that show increasing tension between Jack Thompson and 2K Games. The two parties have been acting at least vaguely civilly towards each other since an April settlement. A taunting, factually incorrect email from Jack to 2K (and other parties) has set things off again. 2K's response is to-the-point.

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ChickeyCantor4099d ago

Jack is such an idiot =/ he argues about something thats accepted as a legal age verification system.

joevfx4099d ago

can someone give Jack a spoon full of AIDs please?

xionpunk4099d ago

this made me laugh "What is wrong with you? You threaten me with enforcement of the agreement, and I ask you how I have violated it. Are you nuts?

Jack Thompson, Attorney"
not only did they tell him how he was violating the agreement they explained it to him at least twice. plus Jack Thompson
questioning anyones sanity is funny.

XENOCIDE4099d ago

This cat is sick. N' the above quote I found to be quite ironic to say the least.

Somebody needs to jack his ride n' beat the shyt outta 'em wit' a bat in the process, then he'll have something to complain about.

shodown194099d ago

You know. All fanboys of either of the three consoles can all agree on taking Jack Thompson under. I can honestly see Xbots,Sonydroids,Nintendrones would all unite to cease existance of this douche.

ChickeyCantor4099d ago

not really as long as he lives he will make a fool out of himself...all we have to do is watch and laugh.

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