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Submitted by cyborg 1919d ago | article

Most Horrible Games of 2010 that you should never play

Gamersmint: Yes, they stink. These are the most horrible games with some amount of hype behind them to have released in 2010. If you are yet to play any of them, consider yourself lucky.

We have them all listed for you in one horrible list right here. Make sure to stay far far away if don’t want to end up being like in the pic above. (PC, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

ArcFatalix  +   1919d ago
final fantasy 14
gtamike  +   1919d ago
halo reach
TheLastGuardian  +   1919d ago
Damnit that's what I was gonna say.
Persistantthug  +   1919d ago | Well said
@gtamike, If you didn't already have 1 bubble, I might consider taking one on general principle....
And this is coming from a hardcore PS3 fan.

Blatant disrespect for gaming isn't cool, imo.
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Psychic_Waffle  +   1919d ago
Then take one from TheLastGuardian.
Silly gameAr  +   1919d ago
Have you even played Halo Reach?
nilamo  +   1919d ago
trolling isn't going to get you anywhere. Neither is stealth agreeing with a troll..
visualb  +   1919d ago
halo reach? why?!

its awesome sauce...fine, hyped beyond jesus, but its an awesome game...

you make us PS3 owners look bad fool.
darkpower  +   1919d ago
Well, that is your opinion. You're entitled to it, but I can name a good bit of other games that are ten times worse.
frostypants  +   1919d ago
I have both systems.

Halo Reach is fun. Over hyped, sure...but fun.
tacosRcool  +   1918d ago
I never played it but it seems like its just an updated Halo 3 which is an updated Halo 2.

On another note I actually enjoyed playing Quantum Theory
il-mouzer  +   1918d ago
lol, Halo Reach was probably the only true successor to the original Halo and Halo 2...
Christopher  +   1919d ago
Really? SFU2 is a horrible game? I'll admit it doesn't improve much on the first and the story is kind of a big step back, but it's far from a horrible game to be categorized in such a list.
antz1104  +   1919d ago
I thought it was ok.....really short but ok.

Now NAUGHTY BEAR! Wow, that one let me down, big time! Such a great concept with poor execution, I hope they at least fix the repetetiveness and level freezes for the sequel.
badz149  +   1919d ago
Ninety nine nights 2
ONE MIRRION TROOPS! LOL that was funny!
psb  +   1919d ago
Quantum Theory and Pure Futbol
I was unfortunate enough to play both.
cyborg  +   1919d ago
I would go for
Quantun Theory too. The game was a mess
SquareEnixFan  +   1919d ago
I agree with most of these except Force Unleashed 2. Its not one of the greatest games but also not one of the worst games of 2010.
joydestroy  +   1919d ago
yeah come the f* on. Unleashed 2 was not one of the worst games this year. i like it and encourage anyone to check it out
Buffniceguy  +   1919d ago
Honestly for me FFXIII made me want to cry it was that bad.
AllroundGamer  +   1919d ago
as a FF fan i can feel the damage that game made my friend, but then i booted my favorite FFVIII and everything was fine :)
Buffniceguy  +   1919d ago
Majin Vegeta can I get a hug for finishing that boring ass game?
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AllroundGamer  +   1919d ago
do 9000 hugs help?, or would it have to be over 9000?!?! ;)
Zack_Fair  +   1919d ago
RankFTW  +   1919d ago
No way, Nier is awesome.
antz1104  +   1919d ago
I've heard the fishing exercise alone warrants it on the list.
darkknight0996  +   1919d ago
Quantun Theory no question about it
Bass_fisherman  +   1919d ago
MySims SkyHeroes - fukin horrible
Relientk77  +   1919d ago
Quantum Theory was hilarious, its soo bad lol

I never even heard of Pure Futbol
gamerdude132  +   1919d ago
I throughout Quantum Theory was... decent though I regret playing through it til the end. Half-way through was enough to let you see all the weapons and whatnot. But the graphics weren't half as bad as these guys try to make it seem. They were bad, don't get me wrong, but I have yet to see better textures than Quantum Theory on a PS2 game. Even GoW 2 wasn't that degree of graphical prowess and wasn't that the best looking game on the system?
meedhi16   1919d ago | Spam
Urmomlol  +   1919d ago
You do realize 2010 isn't finished yet, right?

Of course, a REAL journalist would acknowledge that and wait to write an article like this until the END OF THE YEAR instead of trying to get a headstart on things with incomplete information.

Goes to show you what amateurs this web site employs
Tikicobra  +   1919d ago
This guy's writing skills are awful. No actual journalist should EVER use the word "coz".

Even Jim Sterling knows better than that. And this is the guy who can manage a typo even in the shortest posts.
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PS3Freak  +   1919d ago
He doesn't even know the difference between "are" and "is".

Also, he wrote Gears of war as GoW. It's GeoW or Gears.
visualb  +   1919d ago
wtf is wrong with N4G? its has a seriously POS approving system
Skizelli  +   1919d ago
This list fails for 2 reasons:

1) Poor writing skills.
2) Medal of Honor wasn't on it.
cyborg  +   1919d ago
Well, it's a list about horrible games
so I guess the horrible writing skills can be passed off as an gimmick!
Der_Kommandant  +   1919d ago
Star Wars The Monotony Unleashed 2
Optical_Matrix  +   1919d ago
Crackdown 2 is the worst game I've played this year for sure.
JohnApocalypse  +   1919d ago
I thought Dark Void was alright. I heard Iron Man 2 was pretty bad
antz1104  +   1918d ago
Ugh, I hope you got the disagrees from ppl saying they didn't like Dark Vois; not them saying they liked Iron Man 2....ooh, scary thought!
Elven6  +   1919d ago
Dark Void isn't that bad, I picked it up for 800 MP via the GFWL store when it was on sale a few months back (which on PC is like $7-8 or something?) and asides from a few issues it's not a bad game at all. At most I'd pay between $20-30 for it.
Pandamobile  +   1919d ago
I got it for free with some Nvidia offer.

I was a member of Club SLI back when I had two Geforce 7600 GT's, and I got an email from them saying "Here's a free copy of Dark Void for being a Club SLI member".

So I downloaded it, played it for 20 minutes and never touched it again.
Leonesaurus  +   1919d ago
I Disagree With Final Fantasy XIV
I feel that the majority of gamers out there have a right to complain about the noticeable issues present in FFXIV, however, I think they are going just a tad bit far by grouping this game with other shit piles such as The Force Unleashed 2 or Dark Void.

The game looks beautiful, it's fun to play and has much promise coming to it in the future. I've been playing since day 1 (Collector's Edition) and, minus the bugs and issues that NEED to be addressed ASAP, the game is quite enjoyable and extremely addicting IMO.

What the media and gamers are doing to that game is the the equivalent of beating a dead Chocobo with a stick. Give it a rest and just don't play it if it's not your cup of tea. For those willing to rough it out until the patches come and enjoy it in the meantime, then have fun and see you out in Eorzea!
darkpower  +   1919d ago
Well, it's no secret that there are tons of issues with the game. That and SE seemed to put a leveling system that is too complex and too restricting to be called an actual system. They basically tried to fix what wasn't broken from MMOs like WoW, and then tried to find what they got right about FFXI and break THAT, too.

And he is also right that SE needs to stop churning out utter shit. FF13 was good, but the rest of the stuff lately is with no excuse. They also need to stop making bad business decisions. They keep supporting a system that has nearly no foothold in Japan (360), and is sacrificing game quality to get impact sales that do nothing for the long run.
Fadetoblack69  +   1918d ago
I've been playing since C/E launch as well and personally, I'd call this one complete garbage; and I was a major FFXI fan.

Yes the graphics are excellent, that at least is one thing they did get right. The rest of just about everything is fail upon fail "in my opinion". And this opinion is obviously reflected by a large portion of the fanbase that has already quit.

The bottom line is they were very lazy in putting this title together. I personally haven't decided if I'm going to bother paying for this or not yet but I think we're going to see another huge population drop towards the end of this month.

I didn't pay for "much promise sometime in the future", I paid to have fun with a game and this one just failed to deliver in too many ways.
soundslike  +   1919d ago
Black and white
there is no such thing as average anymore

amazing is the new average, and anything below is utter shit.

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ShinnosukeRFD  +   1919d ago
quantum theory hands down
before it came out, i already knew it was pure trash. i seen the gameplay and videos and my instincts told me gears of war rip-off. i said to myself, let me just try the demo on psn to see just how bad it is. aw man i should have never did that. it was SO BAD MAN. the controls, the graphics, it all felt so bland and lifeless. i played the demo for 5 minutes and never touched that garbage ever again.

i have a dude on my psn who played the full game. i had said to him how could you have even played that trash? gears of war is 100 times better than that. it was so bad it made me laugh. most games i played in 2010 i liked except final fantasy 13 and that was out of 17 ps3 games.

quantum theory is the reason why japan shout westernize their games. it was horrible experiment and I'm sure that the people that made this game will be getting fired very soon if they haven't already.
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LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1919d ago
awful game. I felt bad for a friend of mine he traded in 4 games and still had to pay 15 bucks for it. I tried to warn him but he was trying to find his ps3 Gears fix. Something that could have possibly passed when the ps3 first released but no excuse for it now.
rekof  +   1919d ago
You are controller games.
What? To soon?
STiRacer  +   1918d ago
No, they dont deserve to be here. Shovelware games AKA motion control games, are just crap by default. Doesnt matter if you play them controller free or with pointing devices, there is only so much you can do with it, and no you cant do hardcore with them. Not even if you tack them on a harcore games(patch them to games). Basically, all you do is simplistic gaming(point here, swing over here, wave over there). So in essence, motion control gaming is crap. and crap is not a videogame.
manwich25  +   1919d ago
hits the nail on the head
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1919d ago
Naughty Bear was a shit fest....That has to be the worst game this year. So glad that GameFly saved me from that rip off.
Panthers  +   1919d ago
That picture is freakin scary
Coogi  +   1919d ago
Half of these are opinions not really "bad" things you shouldn't play is more of problem with the game like FF14.

bad list indeed.
Cajun Chicken  +   1918d ago
What?!? Dark Void is brilliant!
Homicide  +   1918d ago
Sengoku Barusa 3 and Fist of the North Star deserve a mention.
oghost85  +   1918d ago
YOU CAN either..
PLAY it yourself. or base your purchases on someone else's opinion.

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