Heavenly Sword Gamezone review - 8.8/10

Heavenly Sword is among the rarest of treasures in the video game world. It is also an important game in the history of that entertainment genre.


Never have there been such compelling characters in the gaming world; characters you cared about, characters that could twist your emotions with the initial look in their eyes after a plot point is revealed. Nariko and Kai are the stuff of video-game legends and they have perfect counterparts in Bohan and his minions.

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vidoardes4123d ago

This game is getting such mixed reviews, it is clearly a love it or hate game (much like lair). Personally looks like a must-buy for me (when I finally land the cash to buy a PS3), but I'm one of those crazies who still enjoys Dynasty Warriors.

Loudninja4123d ago

What is wrong with people?it got 1 6,and one 7.The others are all 8 and above.Thas not mixed

ktchong4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

and one 10 and one 9.

It got 10 from one of the many Play magazines -- the same magazine that also gives Lair a 9; The next higher score for Lair is 7.5 from GamePro.

Here are the consensus...

Heavenly Sword's scores round-up - an average of 84% based on 10 reviews, or 85% based on 9 reviews:

Lair's scores round-up - an average of 61% based on 9 reviews, or 64% based on 6 reviews:

nasim4123d ago

Sepetember would be a killing field for SONY and PS3

BTW over 200 000 copies of Warhawk has already been purchased

LAIR has opened decent with 50k + sales

Keyser4123d ago

Lair is far better than that 6.1 average and IGN's review was an insult to the game.

I got it this afternoon and took some time out to "learn" the controls and even participate in the training mode and what a difference practice makes.

I'm not sure if the reviewers had the training mode but that really changes the game. The controls are about 90% of what they should be (which isn't bad). The graphics are stunning and the sound will touch your soul.

The most important thing is that it's FUN. I'm a gamer and I felt biased so I let a girl who doesn't play games try her hand at the controls and in 20 minutes (no exagerration) she was destroying dragons and manuevering with ease.

I guess developers don't have time to get controls down and I don't fault them for that but if they had the scores for Lair would have been a lot more reasonable.

Sorry for being wordy. Just wanted to clear up some of the rumors and hate out there.

Heavenly Sword: I'm buying it first day. No questions or regrets. It's a must have for a PS3 owner.

Game on...

rukusa4123d ago


A 8 on average. thats pretty good :).

To me this game is a definite buy. I already got my copy pre-ordered.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Seriously, this game is getting 8.5 - 7. It's not getting any lower than a 7. It's a good game, just depends on how much people gripe that's it's story over gameplay.

Heavenly Sword is averaging a B grade, it's a buy for me no doubt. Now Lair, yeah that's tanking on the reviews.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4123d ago

Heavenly Sword is averging a "B" grade, Lair is averaging like a "D" or an "F". I say there's no comparison.

Figboy4123d ago

is averaging a "C" at worst.

remember, 50% is considered average. Lair is at the, roughly 60% mark, so it's a "C".

on topic: how many positive reviews does this game need to get in order to convince some of you haters that it's a *GOOD FRICKING GAME??

i mean, jesus, there are been, like two or 3 reviews that fall into the 6-7 category, but at least 10 reviews that have fallen in to the 8-9 category.

some of you people just can't *STAND IT when the Playstation 3 gets some good games.

get over it already. it's a gaming platform. gaming platforms have a mix of good and bad games. it's about time more good games started to roll in.

just face facts that Heavenly Sword is, overall, a really good game that Playstation 3 owners should have in their library.

(last i checked on metacritic, the PS3 has about 33 out of 60 games rated 75%- above average or higher, and the Wii has 13 out of 80 titles rated 75% and above. take from that what you will).

Goshyujin_Sama4123d ago

Almost everyone who reviews this game say's that it is epic in every way! Only complaint is that the combo/countering/blocking system may throw some people off. Personally iv'e played the hell out of the demo and I love it. Should be loads of fun!

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