User Generated Games; The Way of the Future or a Flash in the Pan?

With user-generated games clearly progressing into mainstream life, the question remains, is this movement positive or negative? Early responses to this query have regarded this bold move as positive; in addition to Sony's efforts through experiences such as Little Big Planet, companies like UbiSoft have also expressed interest in allowing individuals to contribute content to their experiences. Their CEO, Yves Guillemont, remarked that the goal of this new game is "to make sure that our consumers become creators; we desire to place gamers in the spotlight and praise their creativity." Specific details concerning this endeavor, including a title and a release date, are still unclear; yet UbiSoft hopes that their effort will eclipse Sony's attempts to embrace the user-generation community.

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dhammalama4121d ago

have been the secret of longevity and fan devotion for a more than few of gamings most beloved games. This is just an extention of that, only simplified for the masses.

Caxtus7504121d ago

wooo!! who needs Bungie and Free Radical when i can make my own games?? Screw SUPER multiplayer expereinces and hollywood quality voice acting...i wanna run round a Sh!t map i made!!

:D If only everyone one was as hardcore us.

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