Xbox, PS3, and Wii Dancing Together

PhD, Chief Editor analyzes the current consoles war between the big three. First, Sony took the first step, Microsoft responded and now Nintendo's Wii is remaining.

In the gaming industry, as in other technology driven industries, products are enhanced and prices evolve rapidly. In 1991, D'Aveni characterized this fast moving dance as hypercompetition. It appears that Microsoft and Sony are fast dancing again while Nintendo is sitting it out.

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TriggerHappy4128d ago

Over all great analysis, but what gamers want to know is who wins this console war.

Night4ll4128d ago

All I want to know is what games are coming out and are they good... I have no money invested in any of the companies so why should I care which console sells the most...

BrotherNick4128d ago

They get the better games, think about it. Companies will go for the place where the most money is, which is how many people have each console. Why Xbox360 got a better Madden, EA goes where the money goes.