Kane & Lynch Movie To Start Shooting This Fall

IGN has learned that Lionsgate is so wildly enthusiastic about Kyle Ward's script for the videogame-to-film adaptation Kane & Lynch that the studio is fast-tracking the project to begin shooting this fall.

They have also heard that several big-name actors are being considered for the title roles, including one A-lister whose identity IGN is not currently at liberty to disclose but who they are told is eager to do the film and likes Ward's script.

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it will be funny if the game flops...there are so many other good games coming out. Not saying this is a bad game, just how much of a priority is it.

talk about milking an IP, they not even got the game out the door yet ! ok, at least we can say GOW was a success in terms of sales.

but this..

HeartlesskizZ4099d ago

Do u mean God of war or Gears of war? just asking because both of them did sell great. and to make both movies will be really nice


i meant gears of war. i think God of ware has earned its place in hollywood.

thats not to say gears it not great though. but it is just its first installment.

vidoardes4099d ago

This looks like an awsome script for a film, if it's done properly. To be honest I don't know much about the game, but I can't wait for the film!

The Real Joker4099d ago

I liked the hitman games but I really want this to be different. When the reviews come out and they say "it is remarkably like Hitman", then I will pass but if they say "This game is new and fresh...its like [email protected] and skinny model and after porking a fat girl for years", then I will pick it up.

gameforall4099d ago

Ray Liotta /John Malkovich

MK_Red4099d ago

Awesome choices, Specially John Malkovich.

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The story is too old to be commented.