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Xbox 360 Kinect Vs PS3 Move: Consumer Choices during Black Friday 2010

As most of you will be aware, Microsoft has just launched their new Kinect hardware for the Xbox 360, possibly at the best time too, since we are leading up to a hectic holiday season. (Industry, Kinect, Playstation Move, PS3, Xbox 360)

darthv72  +   1602d ago
my take...
If someone has a ps3 then the likely choice is move. If someone has a 360 then you can figure on kinect.

If they have neither, the choice is dependent on the games they intend to play. 360/kinect bundle vs ps3/move bundle vs possibly even the wii again this season.
sdtarm  +   1600d ago
PS3 320gb and Move Bundle all the way! :D
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Imperator  +   1600d ago
IMO, PS Move should by far be the better choice; however, since we're talking about the average consumer, I'm sure they'll be misled into thinking Kinect is better.
jessupj  +   1600d ago
I agree, sadly the average consumer is very uneducated.
JoySticksFTW  +   1600d ago
Casuals are definitely picking Kinect
All I heard yesterday at work were people marveling over controlling games with no buttons, Minority Report, Move being a Wii rip-off. Not my words...

I'd get Move first. It actually has games for it that I like and can be used in "hardcore" games to add to the experience. I haven't seen that in Kinect yet.

But I really think Sony's problem is it's marketing pales next to MS. And there are crazy amounts of quality games coming out for PS3 where Move isn't needed yet.

The only MS game that I am really salivating over is GeoW3. PS3's list of upcoming games is nuts already.

And heck, I just dropped $40 on GoW:GoS for PSP

There is no boredom or lack of games that makes me want to get Move RIGHT NOW to keep PS3 feeling fresh.

There's no NEED for it, as most games give you the choice of Move or dualshock. And there aren't that many must have Move-only games yet.

And unfortunately for Sony, the amount of great quality non-Move specific games - Sony exclusives and multiplats - may keep buyers' money elsewhere for now.

My choice was Move for a few games like TC:RS and Tumble? Or use that money to catch up on some great games like Dead Rising 2, Fallout, Ratchet & Clank:CiT, Red Dead, GoW collection, and day one GoW:GoS and Sly Cooper collection?

(Yeah, I know. Why haven't I played some of those yet... I got hooked on Oblivion and Demon's Souls again, and about to beat 3D Dot Game Heroes and GoW:GoS)

I want Move. I just don't need it yet.
shadyiswin  +   1600d ago
It might be because kinect is way better and offers a more jaw dropping effect. Mostly because sony fanboys have swore on there unborns it lags and it's glitchy, so now when people play it there's an extra omg it works effect. The Move can work perfectly and it does but will always be looked at as wii in hd, which would awesome if everyone wasn't tired of wii, sony was a year late on the one. No one wants to hold wands anymore especially if they don't have too, which they don't.

Kinect will win the holiday hands down, it's up to developers to keep it fresh which they prob won't for a while, I'm thinking summer 2011 or at e3 you'll see innovative titles for kinect. As for Move I don't see any games for it at all, what are the must haves? I've always enjoyed time crisis but no one I'm paying $99 then $40 then $49 for another controller, I'd want the gun add on as well, sure I don't need but that's what I liked about an expensive arcade experience at home. I'd be better off getting a ps2 and time crisis with 2 guns........or keep have fun with kinect adventures/dance central.
Sackdude  +   1602d ago
If your a gamer and like core games get PS move (KZ3, No more heroes 2, MAG, Dead space, LBP 2, Resident evil 5...etc)

If your new into gaming and find core games hard for you and you prefer gimmicky casual games then get Kinect.
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T9X69  +   1600d ago
I'm a core gamer and I got Kinect, the games are casual yes, but gimmicky no. They actually work really well and are pretty fun. I was actually surprised how well Kinect Sports worked, while playing the game I never experienced any lag, but I've only played the Table Tennis and Bowling, the whole running in place thing is a little to casual and much for me though lol.
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feelintheflow  +   1600d ago
I believe the fact that I have owned almost every major video game console since the magnovox Odyssey qualifies me as a core gamers. The only ones I missed were the gamecube and the turbo graphix 16 I believe. I have kinect and I find the games exactly what I expected, fun, easy to pick up, and a plain old good time. That doesn't mean that it is for core gamers, it just means that as a core gamer, i don't care what I look like when playing a game, unlike the tards on here who are worried about how they look, and I just love to play games. It doesn't matter what kind. Are the games revolutionary, nope, are they fun, yep. To mme, I feel it is sad that someone would bash this with an elitist attitude, acting like only games he likes are worthy. Sales don't mean quality, but it means that a bunch of flippin people like what the game is all about.
baodeus  +   1600d ago
yeah, i tried kinect sport out myself and it works well. You can do spin, slice, smash etc...with ping pong too. After reading about all the negatives things about it, i actually find kinect work quite well. Currently though, i think dance central is the best so far.
Newtype  +   1600d ago
I'm a core gamer and I got Kinect,
lowcarb  +   1600d ago
I just don't get it. You already have a controller for those core games that works perfectly fine. The real deciding factor should be who is supporting there device with games built specifically for it. .
snp  +   1600d ago
It's simple, Move is an alternate controller _as well as_ a control method bringing new games to the plate.

It's serves two functions, and was always intended to.

For some people RUSE or whatever will be 'perfectly fine' on the Ds3, for others it - or some other game - may well simply be that much better on the Move. Implementation quality will vary from game to game, though obviously it'll get better as developers get more experience. It's going to a be game to game proposition, and subjective to boot (as it will also be on the 'Move only' games implementation of the Move to, for that matter).

To be honest, i find this constant attempt to have one half - and not coincidentally the best quality/biggest budget half - of Move's catalogue dismissed outright when comparing with the Kinects (which doesn't serve a duel purpose as a controller, and thus have any of these big name games on it's list) more than a touch disingenuous.
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blackburn5  +   1600d ago
I played with Move at my friends house the other day. Wish I could buy one but other responsibilities for my money right now. Hope to get one of Xmas.
BooBaggins  +   1600d ago
Kinect will sell really well. Ps3 will sell because there's still 100millions ps2 owners who are ready to upgrade
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ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1600d ago
Analyst from N4G, can't find better analysts than them, lol.
hikayu  +   1600d ago
oh hell yea : PACHTER
typikal82  +   1600d ago
Idiot said Move is $79.99, where's he getting his #s from? Its $49.99.
Rorona  +   1600d ago
most peopple wont give a crap about any of them
since nintendo still owns in the motion control department..

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