Camelot's We Love Golf - first screenshots

Nintendic doesn't think that Camelot really got the prestige they deserved for their efforts on Mario Tennis and Mario Golf, but now the developer has revealed it's to try to wow the Nintendo Wii crowd with We Love Golf, announced yesterday. Today brings us the first set of screenshots of the game in action.

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Syko4123d ago

It's a shame. Golf and the Wiimote should be like Fat kids and cake...But sadly they just never nail the controls good enough to make it a great experience. Will rent it like every other golf game so far. But I have stopped myself from getting to excited about golf games on the Wii.

Where's Golden Tee for the Wii? Pull back and hit foward with the Wiimote...Seems like gaming gold to me.

PS360WII4123d ago

Cool beans. Looks very Hot Shots Golf like, but I guess what would you expect seeing they made the first Hot Shots...

Naruto4123d ago

Hot Shots Golf rip off

BrotherNick4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Haha, It is kinda :D bet the upskirts don't look as good in 480p :D Maybe it plays better than the third party golf games on the wii.

djt234123d ago

the game look cool
i want to good golf game that is simple to play