Valkyrie of the Battlefield screenshots show cel-shaded yumminess

Here are some new screens , coming straight from Famitsu. While gamers all should have their opinions over Sega's performance over the past few years, you've got to take a gander at these screenshots. It's like Radiata Stories and Rogue Galaxy on next-gen crack. This is some kind of gorgeous cel-shading.

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Bigmac5734098d ago

It looks like Eternal Sonata + Warhawk had a love child.

achira4098d ago

i think this looks awesome! i like the cell style! comes from an anime lover.

mighty_douche4098d ago

if your an anime fan (which you obviously are judging by your avatar) this is perfect game for you! looks cool!

BlackIceJoe4098d ago

I for one like the look and hope it will come out in North America. But I know it will not happen but would still be cool if it did.

[email protected]4098d ago

It look like a cel-shading version of Warhawk hahaha. Sold!.

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The story is too old to be commented.