Namco Expects To Sell More Naruto, Less Enslaved

Namco Bandai has released revised sales numbers and expectations for some of their current and future titles. The company had hoped sales of two new IPs, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West( developed by Ninja Theory ) and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom( developed by Game Republic) would top a million worldwide but now Namco is predicting lower results for both titles.

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TOO PAWNED2690d ago

well there you go Ninja Theory (silly name). Multiplat does not = more sales.

Cloudberry2690d ago

How much Enslaved performed in worldwide sales right now?

Game-ur2690d ago

Tales would have sold better than Enslaved

oldjadedgamer2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Based on vgcharts, its sold about 90k on each system with the xbox selling about 2k more.

Four weeks and less than 200k sold.

Edit: Tales would have also have been a better game

ChineseDemocracy2689d ago

It didn't help that they isolated their fanbase and verbally defecated on their own game. Karma.

dgroundwater2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Sorry to break it to you kids. Obscure game developer quotes you heard of a gaming news aggregator do not affect sales at all. I could call my game "trash" and insult everyone who likes the console it's out for. Does this change normal consumers opinions of my game?

Enslaved's sales were low due to market factors like low awareness, being too different/unique, and low value-for-money compared to other games in it's launch window like Fallout NV, etc.

You know. Things that really matter. Not your strange demand for every developer to praise your favorite console.

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Raikiri2690d ago

yes it does...if it was exclusive it would sell twice as less

Imperator2690d ago

If it was exclusive it would have gotten more attention, it would be technically superior (if it was PS3 exclusive), and it would probably have had the backing of Sony or MS.

3nd3rth32690d ago

yeah, that's why Heavenly Sword sold less than 90k.... oh wait....

ReservoirDog3162689d ago

You people are too hard on enslaved. It's like the old platformers from the PS2 days. Like Jak and Daxter. On steroids.

If anyone wants something like that or if you miss the old days of platformers, get enslaved.

FunAndGun2689d ago

The type where you point in a direction and hit X, X, X, X, X...?

RonRico2689d ago

Yep. Gameplay was very automatic.

DigitalAnalog2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Yes, yes it does. As a die-hard Final Fantasy fan, I absolutely REFUSE to purchase FFXIII. I am ALSO a fan of Heavenly Sword, but I refuse to buy it since not only did they try to make the ports equal, they even removed the surround sound feature on the PS3. That is when they've crossed the line.


That is an insult to all platform games. On-rails platforming should NOT be implemented in any platform game.


-End statement

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big_silky2690d ago

thats the sad state of gaming for 'ya.

FAGOL2690d ago

haha well shame on ninja theory. They should of focused on promoting the damn game instead of moaning about the past.

Ares84PS32690d ago

....didn't help at all. I mean they basically told DMC fans to fuck off.

I'm sure that many people skipped Enslaved for that reason.

RememberThe3572690d ago

Fuck them for turning Dante into an emo... They are great story tellers bu they need to prefect their basic craft first.

Lavalamp2690d ago

Isn't it also the responsibility of the publisher to promote the game? I remember an article was posted on N4G a while ago and it said that Namco Bandai was promising a major marketing campaign for Enslaved. From what I saw, they really didn't keep their promise.

NYC_Gamer2690d ago

what excuse will ninja theory use now?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2690d ago

Ninja Theory: "Well Naruto DOES already have an installed base."

Balt 2690d ago

It serves those fools at Ninja Theory right. But, as sad as their reality is, they'll still defend the xbox 360 and dog the Ps3 by saying something like --

"Yes, but it did preform better on the xbox 360 by some whopping 2000 units".

That's how delusional they are. I refuse to buy anything from them and encourage everyone or anyone, all 4 of you, if you do buy their software buy it used or borrow it from a friend. Rent it, maybe.

Ares84PS32690d ago

For $25 less than a week after it came out. I would have never gotten it for $65.

The game is worth about $20 in my opinion so I still feal like ripped off.

maniacmayhem2690d ago

So if it were a PS3 exclusive would it of sold better?

just asking.

Ares84PS32690d ago

I could have sold better if:

- N.T. actually advertised the game.
- N.T. didn't talk bullshit about other developers thus angering some gamers.
- N.T. didn't talk bullshit about how they know what's best and cool and gamers don't.
- N.T. didn't redesign Dante and when told by fans that it's not good shouldn't acted the way they did.
- The game could have been better and actually longer and could have used some real platforming.

So there is a lot of factors why I think Enslaved sold poorly. It has nothing to to with being multiplat or exclusive.

RememberThe3572690d ago

Sony seems to get their devs to push the envelope. In the case of Level-5 and Slant 6, I think those guys just blew it. We saw what Ninja Theory could do in Heavenly Sword and they took a step back with this game. I loved Enslaved, don't get me wrong, but there are a few fundamental things they could have done better that I think Sony would have asked for before release.

maniacmayhem2690d ago

Actually that questions was geared towards sitlab. It seems he has a problem with Ninja Theory making a multi-play game.

@357 - In my opinion enslaved is leaps and bounds better than heavenly sword.

Balt 2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

More than 200,000 units?

Easily. It'd have been marketed and handled very differently as an exclusive. More dollars and care goes into exclusive IP, man. It's a money game. Same could be said if it were exclusive to the xbox 360. It'd have sold much more than 200,000 units just because of marketing.

Sony didn't want to advertise it because it isn't their job to support a 3rd party game with a developer who isn't very hands on friendly with them. Why would or should they? They could've but Ninja Theory could've also done better business in the media with Sony too.

Microsoft didn't want to take marketing dollars away from their big guns to toss into a 3rd party game from a developer who's unproven, either.

Namco, the publisher, had a job to do but didn't want to give the game the attention because their plate is so full with other endeavorers. They took Enslaved on because Ninja Theory had done all the work. It's hurting Namco very little to have this game under their hoods. Trust me.

Ninja Theory hurt themselves. They burnt the bridge down while they were crossing it and had no way back across. Simple as that. They are going to be reeling over this one and Capcom is going to foot a huge bill if they want DMC to succeed.

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