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Sony to Nintendo: “Great Job”

Mention Nintendo during a Sony interview, and there’s bound to be some mud-slinging. In this case, however, the company seems more inclined to bake their competitor’s a congratulatory cake. (Nintendo, Nintendo DS, PS3, PSP, Sony, Wii)

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Jamegohanssj5  +   1577d ago
I would say great job too because they're making up for what they failed to do last generation. Funny is that the Gamecube and Gamecube 2 sales still don't equal to PS2's and just barely equal to PS1.

Active Reload  +   1577d ago
The past...who cares?
Neckbear  +   1577d ago
I liked the GameCube more than the PS2. Sure, it had less games, but those games it had were pretty unique and awesome.

Then again, just me.
TheLeprachaun  +   1577d ago
Agreed, I loved the Gamecube. It had an awesome library of games.
thehitman  +   1577d ago
you mean like
mario party 1-4? I had got gamecube over ps2 because I loved n64 and gamecube was the hugest dissapiontment ever. PS2 definitely outdid gamecube in everyway Socom was the breaker when that came out my mouth hit the floor and bought a ps2.
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Cloudberry  +   1577d ago
I never had a GameCube.
But I had played it once on a Games shop.

I played Luigi's Mansion, and it's a great game.
turok  +   1577d ago
u never played windwaker , melee, or twin snakes did u?
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cgmike  +   1577d ago
Check your bias...
The DS is slated to surpass the PS2 late next year (yes, a HANDHELD is going to beat it and in less time too). The PS2 was awesome, and being beaten in sales won't change that, but if you're not going to accurately follow actual sales figures and just spout fanboy rhetoric you may wanna head over to FanboySpot.com

Comparing sales of a 10-year console to a 4-year console is fail at best...
n4f  +   1576d ago
wii is selling more than what the ps2 had sold at the same time
pcz  +   1577d ago
Its because Nintendo are civilised. They give credit where it is due.

Sony and its savage fans need to take note
Jamegohanssj5  +   1577d ago
What? The? Fuck?

pcz  +   1577d ago
Tactile Ground Surface Indicator?

Oh, its another sony savage trying to communicate :D
Jamegohanssj5  +   1577d ago
I laughed, but give it a better name. Sony Savage doesn't roll off of my tongue.

irepbtown  +   1577d ago
Sony Congratulated Nintendo

Pcz what on earth are you typing about?
turok  +   1577d ago
no u wtf.
wtf is TGSI? u always end a statement with that?

at least make a (<insert w/e TGSI means here>) so people know w/e that is.

is it a fail at trollign or wut? enlighten us if u will.
wenaldy  +   1577d ago
Sarcasm  +   1577d ago
What in the world are you talking about? Savage fans?
shovelface88  +   1577d ago
pcz, buddy, pal, SONY is the one that gave NINTENDO credit.

Read the article...
mrcash  +   1577d ago
haha that they hope the 3ds takes off, of course they do its 3d, sony is investing so much in 3d they are probably hoping that the 3ds buyers make a transition to 3dtvs there after.
MisterAV  +   1577d ago
you don't have understood anything, right?
visualb  +   1577d ago
whats this site coming to? before they just read the title...now not even that
Sony congratulated nintendo you short-bus rider, get a grip of reality.

reading comments from people like you can give others brain damage, as if it were contagious or something....
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snp  +   1577d ago
Gotta love the irony, though.
Lawliet  +   1577d ago
Hahaha! That was so true..
maxcer  +   1577d ago
"whats this site coming to? before they just read the title...now not even that"

do you realizes how ironic this statement is?

Nitrowolf2  +   1577d ago
He is just mad because there are no sales for him.
Now it comes down who is more civilised and who is not.

Yeah can you please tell me when was the last time MS thanked a company?

From Sony and their first party studio you hear thank you back and forth

naughty Dog thanks Bungie and a shit load of other companies in their uncharted 2 credits
Sky Sentry  +   1577d ago
Please learn how to read. It is Sony who is giving credit to Nintendo. Stop making a fool out of yourself.
Bathyj  +   1577d ago
haha. That bag of sh*t blew up in your face hey?
Narutone66  +   1577d ago
get back to school sonny and learn reading comprehension.
AceofStaves  +   1577d ago
Perhaps you should read the article next time? An exec from Sony wishing Nintendo success with the 3DS is hardly an example of "savagery."
xAlmostPro  +   1577d ago
@pcz did you understand the title or read the article.. sony praised nintendo and the 3ds.. nintendo didnt give any credit where it was due at all lol

pcz  +   1577d ago
Haha i didn't read the article :)

Sony savage still has a nice ring to it though lol
turok  +   1577d ago
lol at retards of n4g
u do realize the disagrees on pcz proves his point no?

/facepalm anyone who disagrees with pcz is pretty much confirmed fanboy.

so keep disagreeing and make ur thoughts known so i can gladly add u to my ignorelist. fanboys arent worth paying attention to.

@ pcz savage... no. something else... but certainly not savage i see kittens not lions. dumb is more like it.

news is slow today :/ ...
gillri  +   1577d ago
cant see them saying this to Microsoft
IrishYamato  +   1577d ago
Sony compliment Nintendo because the 3DS is going to raise 3D awareness faster than their TV's ever could. They might also be attacking Apple- and not Nintendo, with the PSP2.
Nitrowolf2  +   1577d ago
Yup, Sony has said that they are glad that Nintendo is going 3D, this means more push. Not only that since it is a handheld and most people will buy anything Nintendo console related this is going to get 3D more out there then their TV's. So pretty much Nintendo are the ones introducing to the market, even though it's been around forever, I believe Nintendo will be the most influencial company to actually get people to buy 3D. And from there maybe they will be hooked and but other 3D enabled tech. I think that is what Sony is hoping for
xAlmostPro  +   1577d ago
Thats because imo sony are very into provding quality.. they think 3D is good, they want to push it forward no matter if it requires help or another company pushing the same/similar tech.

Thats why i like sony :)
xg-ei8ht  +   1577d ago

Tungsten Graphics Shader Infrastructure

Oops my bad.


Temperature at Ground Snow Interface

Nintendo to M$ - muahahahhahahhahahahaha
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SkyCrawler  +   1577d ago
*Twists finger mustache*
AuToFiRE  +   1577d ago
Sony and Nintendo havent been this close since the SNES days, I guess its about time they get back to being friends
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Eu  +   1577d ago
Read the damn article guys!
With Nintendo pushing 3D, guess who is one of the main comnpanies out there that will make huge bucks when it does become stream tech?

Nintendo pushing 3D with its 'printing' machine...its handhelds...

Sony does it with: TVs, PS3, new PSP, movies + whatever else they manage to build the tech on...the more 3D avid buyers there is, greater the chance to cash in for Sony!
perfectCarbonara  +   1577d ago
Numbers one and two !
GigaGaia  +   1577d ago
Nintendo and Sony are nice to each others. Microsoft are mean to everyone. Guess this is the only thing they can do when they lose.
lowcarb  +   1577d ago
This isn't a real pat on the back. Sony's just happy Nintendo is pretty much making 3d more popular for them in order to help push there TV's.
CombineElite  +   1577d ago
yeh the Dolphin is great
Dark-Cloud  +   1577d ago
i smell something happened with sony and nintendo befor ... that's why sony did this ....
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user8397144  +   1577d ago
Sony bring back the shiny ps3!!!!
LoaMcLoa  +   1577d ago
Nintendo to Sony:
Ty, m8s
AWBrawler  +   1577d ago
one problem Sony
They are doing 3D sans glasses. If anything they'll increase panasonic's sales, because they (I think it ws them) have made a no glasses 3D TV in japan
Paballo  +   1577d ago
If psp2 does not have 3D support it will be because of either two things.
1.)Its too expensive to implement on the already powerhouse and power hungry system.
2.)Nintendo owns the patent for 3D handhelds.

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