Lair Developer on decision to use Sixaxis Controls, aerial combat and more

While at GC Leipzig Generationgamerz managed to chat with Julian Eggebrecht, Co-Founder & President of Factor 5, about the upcoming Lair. The first thing Julian said was that Lair was a perfect fit for the PS3. Factor 5 wanted to design a flight game but not a regular flight game, they wanted something new, the next step. Lair is that next step.

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jonjay4123d ago

This guy must be having a laugh. Its got such poor reviews and its really funny because all I have been hearing from my brother is ps3 this and ps3 that...

LOL tbh...

Saint Sony4123d ago

Lair is that next step?! Ok. If so, there's not much hope in PS3 flight games. Lair may be only possible with PS3 what comes to GFX (which I doubt, it does not look THAT good) but damn, WHERE's THE GAME ITSELF? Why do all the PS3 devs think that only GFX matter? Look at 360 games, they pretty much got all sides covered. Nice gfx, nice games and plenty to choose from.


The captain must go down with the ship, I hope Gamestop has a copy to demo, so that people can play and see exactly why the game is rating so poorly

tplarkin74123d ago

Didn't they know that the controls failed many months ago? Didn't the testers complain? How did this happen?

Kaze884123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Im still waiting for Lair's demo to see it my self.
Some of the reviewers have complained a lot about that the game is only using the motion control when flying. So why cant they do an option that you dont have to use motion control in it? Some ppl wouldnt even want to play warhawk with only motion control, some like it some hate it.

it seems that if this game would be on the wii it would be good/great, but when its on ps3 and its using motion control its crap....

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The story is too old to be commented.