PS3 sales down 25 percent , along with Wii and Xbox 360 in Japan

In the latest hardware sales from Japan, the PS3's sales drop below 20k by falling from 21.720 to 16.393. The Wii's sales dropped from 73.938 to 46.283. Microsoft's Xbox 360 still struggling in sales dropped by a few hundreds whiles managing to sell 2.044.

Nintendo DS Lite - 100.430
Wii - 46.283
PSP -26.089
PLAYSTATION 3 - 16.393
PlayStation 2 - 15.139
Xbox 360 - 2.044
Game Boy micro - 423
Game Boy Advance SP - 212

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stunt2133762d ago

wow bioshock is doing really well in japan huh guys?

nasim3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

VGCHARTS have been dead wrong with JULY sales

there data is totally off

The ps3 has sold over 6 m and they show it to be 4.4 m

BIOSHOCK is unheard off in japan

It couldnt move a single unit in NA. How come u expect it to move x360s in JAPAN. x360 is already a dead console in both japan and eu

barom3762d ago

lmao why the title? I mean it's true PS3 sales fell 25% but Wii sales decreased by almost 40%. Sup with that

heroman7113762d ago

dude dont look at 360 and ps3 look at wii. that sh!t dropped. maybe ps3 can make a comeback but i doubt it.

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TriggerHappy3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Microsoft better come up with a plan in Japan for the 360, because 2000 k a month isnt helping at all.

clownfacemcgee3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

This doesn't have to do with the PS3.

risk3762d ago

200k a month? more like 400k/month worldwide(guestimating idk the values in europe) 2k in japan is nothing.

SuperSaiyan43762d ago

The same country that for reasons unknown was still queing for a DS Lite even a year after release...Are they eating them or what??

Anyways put it this way, at least the 360 is selling.

But does this effect the rest of the world? No because we are still getting our games.

Antan3762d ago

A small country indeed, however there are 125 million people all "crammed" in. So not so small then.......

djt233762d ago

people who have the ds have it in different colors if you going to play-asia you will hve every color in the rainbow and custom ds lite
i have two ds lite black and a white and i am going to buy blue form japan.

The Swordsman3762d ago

Sales have dropped for all consoles across the board this week.

Ps3Fanboy7773762d ago

360 is selling sooooo bad... LOL. Atleast it has 10 million users... Still..

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