Most creative games will be on Wii, says Sega boss

North America president claims third party 360 and PS3 titles will be 'standardised' until 2009.

Sega's North American boss Simon Jeffrey has forecast that Wii's low development costs will mean that third-party output on the system will be noticeably more original than that on Xbox 360 and PS3 for the next two years.

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Babylonian4098d ago

It's good that I don't like creative too much. I'm more of an epic guy. But I am going to get a Wii, cause they have some epics too (Zelda and Metroid).

Rooftrellen4098d ago

I'm an epic guy too. I loved Mega Max X, all the fights against Sigma, building up to fighting Zero, it was all great.

Then again, a computer virus was never an enemy before that, either.

I guess epic and creative aren't mutually exclusive as you seem to believe.

midgard2294098d ago

they mean the most repetitive. sorry but so far wii games just feel repetitive and have no depth because u cant do much but slash the controllers. not bashin but its true. especially for fighting games, thats why it doesnt have one real fighting game yet. (smash bros dont count its a party game and doesnt have many moves cuz its not supposed to) i mean a game like tekken, soul calibur, doa, etc, same for action games

unsunghero284098d ago

Ever tried Metroid Prime 3? Legend of Zelda? Those games are great and they're assisted (especially in Metroid's case) by the Wii's control scheme.

Night4ll4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

I do think there are not enough fighting games out for the Wii, but we are not even up to a year since the Wii launch. Mortal Kombat armageddon for the Wii is really good, and I know it's a remake, but I never played the original version. I personally think the controls are great, but it does take getting used to especially since everyones so used to using a control pad. The naruto game for the Wii is looking to have really great controls according to IGN, and Dragon ball Z budokai tenkaichi 3 is going to have online play. These games are not tekken
or anything but if you've played them, you know they are fun.

Unsung hero I didn't mean to disagree with u, that was an accident...

gEnKiE4098d ago

gee...haven't heard this one before. getting kind of annoying...

RadientFlux4098d ago

makes sense if you are going to spend the resources on a new creative gameplay idea might as well do it on the console that is cheapest to develop for

AliC4098d ago

I actually do like the WII, the controller is a unique idea, but all the games I've player are quite limited and get a little boring after a while.

I personally like my games with a depth and a good storyline that gets you involved, but each to their own I say :)

RadientFlux4098d ago

I agree but the Wii is still nice to play when you only have 30 minutes to spend or have friends over.

But it will never replace the more story based games that I love.

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