Reader Poll: "3D Blu-ray? We'll stick to DVDs, thanks."

PCW: In a recent PC World poll, over 35 per cent of readers claimed they had no interest in Blu-ray whatsoever – and were instead sticking to the DVD format.

With consumers seemingly disinterested in 3D Blu-ray movies and TV networks still dragging their feet, it would seem 3D gaming may be the last bastion of hope for 3D TV. Unfortunately, gamers are amongst the most cynical consumers in the world.

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MariaHelFutura2513d ago

You watch your DVDs, I`ll keep my BR.

Maybe these people want to game in SD too.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Well, eventually the Blu ray is getting more territory.

Same with 3DTV's is getting territory, same case happened with the 1st HDTVs in the Market. Cassette VHS to CD's etc.

vsr2513d ago

Do you like to record your Valuable Family events on HD Bluray or Standard DVD ?????

Ilikegames762513d ago

people also said that they'll stick to VCD/CD when DVD first came out.

badz1492513d ago

...oh wait! never mind.

hakis862513d ago

has PC readers - who visit Piratebay, right?

insomnium2513d ago

Excellent comment! Agreed 100%. Bubs up.

internalbit2513d ago

They will have no choice as DVD is eventually phased out like VHS was. They will have to deal with their anger against Bluray and accept it.

AllroundGamer2513d ago

:) i would say those people are also casual gamers with a Wii, so they don't know any better...

Ares84PS32513d ago

Slowly but surley blu-ray will take over from DVD. I can see it in the stores already.

They can't even argue that blu-ray is that much more expensive when I see blu-ray movies for $10 and under. Especially on and at Best Buy.

MNicholas2513d ago

Given the types of people who'd vote for DVD such as those who ...

are without HDTV

don't use disc media much (netflix, etc)

don't know what Blu-Ray is (mostly older folks)

are still whining about HD-DVD losing

hate anything remotely connected with Sony or even Japan

... 65% for Blu-Ray is a pretty huge win for the Blu-Ray association.

SaiyanFury2513d ago

Meh, these layabouts can keep DVD. I buy DVDs when I don't have the extra cash for BDs, then again I don't watch a lot of newer movies anyways. I DO, however, use BDs for archiving purposes in backing up my PC's rather large HDDs. I have 3TB worth of space and DVDs just don't cut it for archiving. I bought my BD burner a month ago for 150 bucks and it was absolutely worth it. I'll stick to gaming in HD thanks.

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MinskyM2513d ago

Wow, fanboys still butthurt over Blu-Ray kicking HD-DVD to the trash heap of failed formats.


No one mention HD DVDs in the article.

HD DVD is buried.

Masamori Sumimura2513d ago

I dont think this is about fanboys.

NewsForMe2513d ago

Are you an idiot? This is a PC site, almost none of them even used HD-DVD. Blu-ray just isn't necessary on PC. It already does 3D and good looking games without it.

baker_boi2513d ago

They not talkin about "games" silly goose.

They talkin about movies. What game you know that's been released on Blu-Ray for PC? None.

But movies on the other hand, ripping those Blu-Rays seems to have a large following on da interwebz.

who knows why somebody wants a 17 gig movie on they HDD though. I can't manage that shit.

sak5002513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Well the sony force is strong here and keep defending useless formats thrown by sony. I bet they would have defended mini disc, UMD, betamax to death had they been born during that time.

BD is only popular on N4G, rest of the world hasn't embraced 3D nor bluray in massive amounts even with ps3 trojoning it 4 years back.

Hardly any PCs are coming with BDs and forget about DIY market. I recently built my new machine and used LG 24X DL DRW from 3 years back, that too i changed cuz my NEC from 3 years back coudn't burn DL discs properly.

My new pc is:

i5 750 2.8GHZ 4 core 8mb L3 cache , auto CPU Up'd by Asus P55D-E Preimum to 3.8Ghz. 4 GB DDR3 1600mhz. I reinstalled Win 7 on 128GB SSD ADATA and have rest of the drives amounting to 750GB. And same Asus VGA 5870 1GB. NOw why the hell would i buy a bd drive for my PC when i can buy any game on DVD or DL via steam or other means.

MY Movie watching is done on O!play which plays anything from 1080P MKV files ripped from BDs. So either i watch it in my bedroom on 100" projector or in living room on 50" 1080p plasma.

I'm content with these and wont even consider ps3 this gen.

jack_burt0n2513d ago

Bluray is HD standard, deal with it.

Nihilism2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

'HD' was never a standard. HD is a term used to describe 720p...a resolution which is below standard, even though it is 'standard' for console gamers.

It just tickles me that the die hard Blu-Ray loyalists are content with gaming in 720p or less, shouldn't you like get a new PC or something...

See the PC screenshot thread in the forums, there is only one 'TrueHD' platform suckers, and Blu-Ray is not required for it.

P.S I have 2 Blu-Ray's not a big deal, they cost less than DVD players did this far into their life yet people seem to think blu-ray player ownership is somehow exclusive. Blu-Ray players: the sports car of the working class.

baker_boi2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Yeah you said all that bullshit, then you busted your argument by sayin, "I got two Blu-ray playerz!"

The hell you got any Blu-ray players for if your mighty PC is the "trueHD" platform?

Oh! Could it be that you're full of shit? Could it be that movie studios release their movies on physical media first?

Could it be that PC guys rip blu-rays so they can play that 17 gig movie on their PC?

I thought PC's magically generated new movies in 1080p? Well, damn I guess I was wrong.

And also, FYI fuck-boy, HD describes resolutions over 480-520p which folks call SD now.

I don't even wanna say nothin bout yo bullshit ass, "HD is not standard, but is a standard that isn't a standard."

da fuck outta here.

zag2513d ago

HD is 720p

TrueHD is 1080p

TrueHD only comes on blu-ray

mastiffchild2513d ago

My PC is fully "HD" on it'/s 28" display monitor while my two TV's are a 40" LG plasma and (720p)an LCD Panny 42" LCD and guess what? I can't tell the difference with my eyes between any of them. I doubt many people would have a clue between 1080 ands b720 on screens under 50" nor so so why the constant "my res is bigger than yours" BS?

@nihilism-we're allo "working class" unless you don't NEED to work to support yourself and your family. All of us.

n4gno2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

This dumb troll always came with "bububu 720", he don't understand that pc just change resolution of the game (even tetris can be 1080), but resolution is not always = quality/great graphics, it's just resolution ! (for movies, it's the real deal when you have native hd, with bluray, but for games, if graphics are poor, you can push to 1080 or even higher, it will be just as poor, just more defined)

by the way, nobody's talking about game here, and bluray are 1080P, true hd audio, and the best quality available for movies, deal with it.

"BR isn't catching on for two reasons. Decent sized 1080P TVs (where BR looks best) are too expensive for many people and the actual movies are too expensive."

Tv have never been cheaper than big lcd/plasma now ! it's just a stupid argument (like the price : it's exactly the same thing than dvd history, and bluray sell even better)

"3D has two problems as well. Requiring 3D glasses when everyone knows there is tech out there to do 3D without glasses (Why buy one now when you know this gen of TVs will be replaced in 3-5 years). And again price."

another xfantroll non sens, 3D without glasses don't have the same quality, first, and a poor 20" will cost a lot of money in 2011, so it's not the time for that kind of competition.

IHateYouFanboys2513d ago

@zag: "TrueHD is 1080p"

No, "TrueHD" is simply Sonys marketing term for native 1080p, nothing more. It's not a technical term, it's not a well known and long used resolution term - Sony simply made it up to make people think their HD was better than their competitors HD.

There is SD and there is HD. That's it. Theres no "True HD", there's no "Super Mega Ultra HD". just HD.

An aside: I'm well aware that there are some 'inbetween' resolution terms, but I had to simplify it for n4gs audience.

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cmrbe2513d ago

Its not for mainstream yet anyways but i will get a 3dTV soon as a Xmas present to myself.

Newtype2513d ago

people who did the pool are either really dumb, or damn poor.