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Kudo Says, I Will Stomp Aaron Greenberg Out In Every Kinect Game, See Aaron's Response Now

The Competition heats up In Microsofts House in this interview, also Kinect with Forza is supposed to be the best racing game this generation according to KUDO.

This interview is crazy and there's more to come for Kinect especially from RARE so stay tuned and enjoy the footage (Aaron Greenberg, Kudo Tsunoda, Xbox 360)

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units  +   1701d ago
hate to say it
but that was probably the one of the best interviews i have seen from hiphopgamer



its his opinion
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egm_hiphopgamer  +   1701d ago
I have tons of interviews that I really believe you would like man, but all the hate I get on this site people miss out on alot of good material but it's all good though, they'll learn sooner or later. thanks and god bless you man for the support
life doomer  +   1701d ago
god doesn't exist.
sdtarm  +   1701d ago
stop being so annoyin and stop publishin bullshit and flamebait titles
ConanOBrien  +   1701d ago
Come to my show
you'll get more hits afterwards! This place's full of crying fangurls and many disoriented GrandTurds. You gotta luv'em bruh

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kaveti6616  +   1701d ago
@life doomer
Did you get offended by him saying "god bless"?

What a trifle you are.
N4WAH  +   1701d ago
kaveti "What a trifle you are."
Maybe life doomer thinks it's trifle to say "god bless".
Which is more trifle?
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uxo22  +   1701d ago
Man you got to do what you got to do and I give you full props for that. If I have any complaint (not a real complaint) it would be to relax just a little bit. Good interviews, good questions, it's just sometimes (more than not) I think you are just too over the top.

But, who knows, perhaps if you tone it down you may loose who hip hop gamer really is. IDK, I just think your excited behavior is just a little too over the top for me. Other than that I love what you do.
kaveti6616  +   1701d ago
I think it's pointless to make statements to deliberately hurt someone's feelings by belittling their beliefs. It's a video game site. There are different arenas where things like this can be debated.

there was no cause for life doomer to say what he said, even if he feels that there is no cause in HHG to say "god bless." life doomer just wanted to sidestep the main point of HHGs comment to start an argument.
barom  +   1701d ago
HHG's interviews are great. Do believe that. Can't say I care much for the rest of what HHG does though. Too much garbage to find the treasure, but if there's an interview, I will probably look into it.
N4WAH  +   1701d ago
Would it have been okay for life doomer to say. Personally HHG I watched a lot of your interviews and blah, blah, blah..., then go on to say, "god doesn't exist" <- Would that have been okay or is he not allowed to say god doesn't exist at all even though HHG ends nearly every comment I have ever seen from him with "god bless".

Personally I don't think political, sexual orientation, or religious comments of any kind have any place on a gaming site in any fashion. Then again that's just me but I don't see how one is okay if not the other.

As far as starting arguments. N4G members don't need reasons to argue. They argue over a lot less than ones beliefs in a deity. If anything it's a rarity to see an article on N4G where people are not attacking each other. Those are the articles I like best because they are usually about actual gaming news. You know, the boring non flame bait articles from "real" journalist.
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HolyOrangeCows  +   1701d ago
"Which is more trifle?"

Crying about it, definitely.
ThanatosDMC  +   1701d ago
He does great interviews but his headlines simply piss off people.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1701d ago
Kudo vs Greenberg: Battle of the D-bag tools.
kaveti6616  +   1701d ago
I come here to read about games, and that's it. I left sites like digg and reddit and wherever else because I don't want to deal with the petty debates that divide us. Ironically, here I am arguing with people about video games, but as the end of the day we all play games and I don't really get my feelings hurt if someone says they hate a game I love.

But what life doomer said (and I fail to see why you're playing his advocate) was completely unnecessary. HHG says "god bless" in his posts and in his videos. He doesn't say it to offend anyone, and whether you're religious our not you can understand that the term "god bless" is not meant to proselytize anyone but just as a way of saying good luck or farewell.

If someone says Good luck to me, and I don't believe in luck, I'm not going to coldly reply to him, "there is no suck thing as luck." It's just a common statement and it's part of the norm.

Anyway, I don't like ranting about this. Good day to you. And good luck.


facepalm, dude. am I the only one who understands manners? you're disparaging people now by calling them "irrational," whatever that means. those terms are popular because the concepts they originate from are still popular. it is not our past. it is also the present, that's where you're mistaken. it's like talking about the elephant in the room as if it has left. but it's still there.

Edit: @immortalkaim

Whatever you say, dude. This just wasn't the place to say it. And yay, I look forward to a more secular world where we'll kill each other over money and resources. More rational, yet no less tragic.
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tinybigman  +   1701d ago
that is ok
i'd rather not see a fat balding middle aging man face off against another douche who thinks he's too cool to remove his shades indoors lol.
OneSneakyMofo  +   1701d ago
Aaron Greenberg, wanna see the bottom of my shoe?

Bam! There it is.

Curb stomped, biznatch.
Immortal Kaim  +   1701d ago
@ Kaveti
Actually there is a point to be made in pulling up people using such terms as 'god bless', the pervasiveness of such terms need to be addressed in wider culture if we hope to move on from our ignorant past. It actually makes a little more sense in regards to why HHG is so irrational...
HolyOrangeCows  +   1701d ago
Oh my god! You're right!!

Related image(s)
Immortal Kaim  +   1701d ago
Correction, it's 'Oh my gosh'.

Immortal Kaim  +   1701d ago
@ Kaveti again
I understand the concept of manners, and also agree it has become part of popular culture whether religious or otherwise to use such terms. Doesn't mean we can't start to disuse such terms as the world (hopefully) becomes more secular. The irrational comment is in regards to HHG living in his own little fantasy land where all his 'articles' are legitimate and rational.
Action GO FIGURE  +   1701d ago
"*flailing arms around* I look more moronic than Aaron Greenberg

SPARDA_426  +   1701d ago
Forza with kinect is good but not wow. Just Gran Turismo 5 is beyond wow. If they add the head motion showing befor for gran turismo it makes it even better. So yea, GRAN TURISMO 5 BEST RACING GAME THIS GEN

EDIT* i noe its his opion. i support im just giving my opinion thats all no hating no nothing
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Balt  +   1701d ago
"I will Stomp Aaron Greenberg OUT in every Kinect game"

Sounds sexual and weird. No thanks. Then again, look who we're dealing with in this trifecta.
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xtremeimport  +   1701d ago
xtremeimport says "i will stomp kudo out in general"

awaits for N4G's response now...
The_Nameless_One   1701d ago | Trolling | show
floetry101  +   1701d ago
Kudo Says,
Shades are cool, even indoors.

Everyone else says, you look like a douche-bag.
yeracnivek71  +   1701d ago
..it is YOU that looks like the d-bag, for making fun of someone wearing shades, when they have a rare eye condition (hyper-sensitivity to light).
TheBlackSmoke  +   1701d ago
"(hyper-sensitivity to light)"
Just like Kinect ;)
frjoethesecond  +   1701d ago
f**ing LOL. Ultra Burn on kinect.
jack_burt0n  +   1701d ago
kudo and greenberg making elephants again by bending over for each other.
Filthy  +   1701d ago
Is Aaron Greenberg black?
I bet he's black. Cuz... or he could be sitting on a couch in baggy clothes. yeah, that dude dont stand a chance against this kudos chap.
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enkeixpress  +   1701d ago
Uuuuh.. Who gives a f*ck??

Who the hell does this Kudo guy think he is anyway? The Tony Stark of video games??

lol always walking around with those black shades on like a pansy.. :D
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yeracnivek71  +   1701d ago
# 6.1 :o
madjedi  +   1701d ago
Sensitivity to light fine, but with those clothes, and the way he looks, he still looks like a creep and his topic dodging on kinect doesn't help either.

You know you could post the specific name of his condition, because for all we know, he could just be a weirdo like the ninja gaiden creator
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1701d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if that guy sleeps with the glasses, or take a shower with the glasses.
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PirosThe4th  +   1701d ago
i just that guy...wearing glasses to look cool... what a douche haha XD
Balt  +   1701d ago
Dude thinks he's Bono; only Bono has a medical reason as to why he wears them all the time. What's this guys excuse? Lemme guess, he has flashbulb eyes. Please. Go away Greg Brady.

And Aaron Greenberg isn't black. He looks like a typical, out of shape red neck from Kentucky if you ask me. He probably also owns a collection of Silk shirts that he buttons up nice and tight too. And, if he's a Jew; which his last name implies, not unlike my own, he's a disgrace to all us Jews world wide. He probably doesn't practice if he is -- He probably sits around eating cheese with his quarter pounders and catching shrimp in his mouth.
#9.3 (Edited 1701d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Horny  +   1701d ago
man now Im craving KFC because you said Kentucky :(
CREESH  +   1701d ago
Hiphopgamer's perseverance
might be starting to pay off. Not a fan of his style but good luck to him, was a good interview.
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ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1701d ago
''also Kinect with Forza is supposed to be the best racing game this generation according to KUDO. ''


PirosThe4th  +   1701d ago
GT5 says Hi tell Kudo that he ain't getting any Kudos... :P
Killzone3Helghast  +   1701d ago
No, you mis-quoted him
He said "Forza IS the best racing game this generation"
clintos59  +   1701d ago
Got nuttin against u hiphopgamer but I know that even u know that kinect forza doesnt stand...
A chance against GT5. Can u feel all those people waiting to buy GT5? The GT5 effect is coming & I wouldnt be suprised if we see this game break records for day 1 sales. Even if it doesnt we all know this game will do halo numbers, maybe even more. Heck I aint even a racing fan but enjoy mario kart & modnation but im definitely really excited for GT5. Day 1 for me.
BYE  +   1701d ago
We asked for Killer Instinct and what do they give us? Kinect Sports.

I'm getting less confident about seeing hardcore titles on Kinect anytime soon, but there's stil a little bit of hope.
newhumanbreed  +   1701d ago

I hate your intro music video.
cstyle  +   1701d ago
Another gansta video from HHG. Keep on keeping it real... Til next time. Peace.
killalot100  +   1701d ago
still not sold on kinect but good interview
Killzone3Helghast  +   1701d ago
Kudo also said
"Forza is the best Racing game this generation" -- THE same guy said this. Also why does he wear sunglasses EVERYWHERE?!
maverick40  +   1701d ago
anyone know why
the duchebag is called Kudo tsunoda?? Even though he is american. Stupid weeaboo probably changed his name.
zzji59   1701d ago | Spam

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