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LTD, YTD NPD hardware sales

Lifetime-to-date and year-to-date hardware figures for the PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, and DS based on the most recent NPD sales data have been revealed. (Industry, Nintendo DS, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

aviator189  +   1663d ago
All systems still chugging along pretty good. DS is still a beast.
Imperator  +   1663d ago
I wonder if the 3DS will have as huge an impact... ah, who am I kidding, of course it will! And all the other systems are doing nicely to.
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AAACE5  +   1663d ago
I hope the 3DS does well, but i'm scared of the potential price! Hoping it's like $200 or less. Otherwise, it would cost more than a Wii, which doesn't make sense to me, considering your home console should cost more than your mobile console.

@Gunnerforlife... The 360's lead shrunk because of PS Move! Lots of current Ps3 owners had older consoles and traded them in for the new bundles, effectively shrinking the gap! Plus, some newcomers have joined in. I was at Target the other day and saw a family of 4 (mom/dad about 45-50 yrs old, boy/girl about 9-6 yrs old) and the mom was looking for PS Move games.

That gap could be widened now that Kinect is out, because the same thing should happen.
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gunnerforlife  +   1663d ago
360 is a million ahead of ps3
i'm wondering how the hell has the 360s lead shrunk so much when there 1 million ahead in the us
they must really be performing bad in Other(and then there's Japan)
Skip_Bayless  +   1663d ago
The move seems to be a huge hit in Europe.
Bathyj  +   1663d ago
Actually its just over 850K.

Rather than being another cheer for the Xbox side with their "its all about the sales" attitude it actually highlights how irrelivant it is to only focus on NPD numbers.

850K a year in their one stronghold where they're supposed to be dominating?

Japans lead alone will likely cancel that out 3 times over. I dont know the numbers, (dont really care) but Japan could sell over 3M this year.

Thats not even talking about Europe.

Yes even the bots are starting to realise the USA does NOT equally the world.
uxo22  +   1663d ago
once again
More blah blah blah
gaden_malak  +   1662d ago
"i'm wondering how the hell has the 360s lead shrunk so much when there 1 million ahead in the us "


PS3 outsells 360 by 15 - 20k per week, which equals just over 1,000,000 on the high end over the year.
Triella  +   1662d ago
"i'm wondering how the hell has the 360s lead shrunk so much when there 1 million ahead in the us "

It's really easy to understand : monthly sales advantage for 360 over PS3 in USA and for PS3 over 360 in Japan are canceling each other out.

in USA 360 has sold 4.19 million since January 1st, while PS3 has sold 3.2 million = ~1'000'000 difference, and in Japan PS3 sold 1.15 million, while 360 only sold 174K = ~1'000'000

So the difference is made essentially in Europe and the rest of the world where PS3 is clearly ahead and widening the gap.
Omega4  +   1663d ago
Wow 360 beating the Wii, how things have changed.

And why no PSP numbers? Im sure the gap between the PSP and DS would be ridiculous.

The Wii has been dominating since forever the fact that the 360 is beating it now even though its the older console is a big deal, because its the beginning of the 360 closing the gap on the Wii.
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Cevapi88  +   1663d ago
how things have changed? you find 50,000 units a big game changer??

calm down child
ForROME  +   1663d ago
Only some one who feels defensive would even take the time to respond to that kid...
Cevapi88  +   1663d ago
im not defensive, im just tired of this guy spewing the same crap OVER and OVER again...

plus he always like to leave a little jab at the end because i guess it brings a smile to his face by being some immature child
BLaZiN PRopHeT  +   1663d ago
MS made of up the gap in 3 months that Nintendo built over the first 6.
Masamori Sumimura  +   1663d ago
I just find it funny I never see Cevapi88 respond to ps3 fanboys trolling. oh well...
Cevapi88  +   1663d ago
and you definitely have, good for you buddy!

keep fighting the good fight for me, im rooting for you, if you can, please find a bigger troll other than omega and his buddy greenringoflife
Skadoosh  +   1663d ago
Funny how Omega just talked about the article while Ceva and ForRome just went with childish name calling. How ironic! LOL! Funny site this is.
doughboy2008  +   1662d ago
Oh my God
How are you still allowed on this site Omega4. Like honestly do you just sit on your computer all day approving and praising every article that praises Microsoft products, while still managing to diss every Sony related article. Seriously go the fuck outside for once in your god damn life. Either you really need to get laid or your at that age range where your still trying to figure out your sexuality. FUCK YOU.
turok  +   1662d ago
people like u
are the reason why people like omega4 exist to begin with.
doughboy2008  +   1662d ago
And yet
right below this comment you have just called him retarded...
turok  +   1662d ago
Omega4 are u retarded?
"The Wii has been dominating since forever the fact that the 360 is beating it now even though its the older console is a big deal, because its the beginning of the 360 closing the gap on the Wii."

Correction the wii console is still dominating. not with sales but with games unlike ur 360. And closing the gap wtf are u talking about? war is over 360 is 2nd place be happy it isnt 3rd place like ps3(...yet)

the gap between 360 and wii is very ridiculous it is NOT the same as against sony we talking more than 30 million (Globally).
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iPad  +   1663d ago
Didn't NPD say the were gonna stop reporting numbers?
toaster  +   1663d ago
DS looks pretty strong. I'm planning on getting a 3DS when it comes to the west and sell my DSiXL. Good job PS3 for taking over the 360's spot, hehe.

[EDIT] Talking about year to date btw.
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units  +   1663d ago
you feeling alright
lifetime to date

Xbox 360 – 21,840,075
PlayStation 3 – 13,472,196

year to date

Xbox 360 – 3,209,089
PlayStation 3 – 2,343,500
toaster  +   1663d ago
You're right! Misread the numbers.

@ morganfell

That's so sweet of you :) I do care as a matter of fact. I have a 360 that is broken and might get a PS3 for GT5 if it even releases this year.
uxo22  +   1663d ago
Self ownage! Just doesn't pay to kiss arse.
toaster  +   1663d ago
lolwut? So it's is IMPOSSIBLE for somebody to mis-read something? The only ass I'm kissing is nVidia's.
strickers  +   1662d ago
Those figures do show that PS3 is getting higher attach rate on most games these days.If you look at game sales recently the 360 sells 10 to 20%more and with games like Madden it's even less.I'd like to see a comprehensive list of game sales.
Dark360  +   1663d ago
You need glasses...LOL
morganfell  +   1663d ago
You misunderstand. He is a PC elitist that doesn't care for Sony ..or the 360 for that matter.
vault13er  +   1663d ago
You say that like it's a bad thing
YourFlyness  +   1663d ago
Toaster I think you may be refering to Worldwide sells, and it still yet to be seen if PS3 has actually taking 360s spot,However since PS3 has been out they have sold more on a yearly basis than 360.

NPD is North American only (I believe)
BrianG  +   1663d ago
Correct, North America only
BlmThug  +   1663d ago
Where Has PS3 Taken Over 360, Xbox 360 Is Ahead By A Big Margin On Those Figures
BrianG  +   1663d ago
Europe, Japan, and basically everywhere else besides the UK, I believe they hold a 2 mill lead in the UK.
etownone  +   1663d ago
Screw Japan ...
Don't want to come off sounding racist, but that's a country that isn't even giving the 360 the chance it deserves cause it's an American product.

So screw them .... and their cars!!
BrianG  +   1663d ago
(EDIT: for comment above, I was referring to the Xbox having a lead in the UK. Not sure why disagrees for stating facts. But oh well.

Honestly etownone,

Microsoft has to readjus)t their approach in Japan. I've studied Japan in my marketing classes and know that they respond differently to advertising than Americans.

Microsoft has a pretty solid approach in the US, but if they are showing similar commercials in Japan, it is no wonder why they are not succeeding. It is not the people, its the company selling the product. They are not against Microsoft as a race.

Microsoft needs to realize that the Japanese consumer wants to build trust in a company before they buy from them. The fact that Microsoft doesn't put its name explicitly on the Xbox 360 is one reason they are hesitant to buy. It seems like a small reason I know, but the Japanese are more concerned about the company, not the brand.

I don't want to go on too much here, so just PM me if you want to know a bit more. I got some PowerPoint slides I can send to if you want some more info on the Japanese consumer.
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Bathyj  +   1663d ago
Japan has no problem buying iPods.
They like American TV, movies, music, culture and fashions.

For a ancient culture, who was bombed by the USA, their embracement of all this American in 60 years is actually quite astounding.

Maybe its just poorly made, technically inferior stuff they dont buy, no matter which country its from.

That "Xbox doesnt sell in Japan because its American" arguement just doesn cut it.

Their cars are better than American cars too.
SprSynJn  +   1663d ago
"Maybe its just poorly made, technically inferior stuff they dont buy, no matter which country its from."

Is the reason. Why would they buy something from Microsoft when Sony and Nintendo make it better? It is common sense that the States seem to lack.
Jeremy Gerard  +   1663d ago
American patriot here
I agree, I think its MS's advertising in Japan that keeps Japanese away from 360, I DO NOT think they have a problem with American products. Like everyone says they love Apple, they also highly respect our aerospace/rocket science technologies.

Its MS, they do not market properly in Japan, plus its hard to find 360 games in Japan.

FYI 360 also leads in Mexico, and AU.
edonus  +   1663d ago
No....Japan is definitely against the 360 because its an American console.
To avoid an inferior product is one thing, to like something better is one thing to have issues with a system or fear of it reliability is one thing.

I could see...if the 360 didnt sell well there, that would justify personal consumer issues a consumer could have. But the 360s penetration in to that market is so small you can tell that its lack of sales have nothing to do with an individual preference.

In other words...the 360 has done enough things right to have sold more systems in Japan if it was just based off of gripes with the advertising, hardware and software. I'm not saying they should be outselling the Wii and Ps3 over there but the sales over there are so minute it safe to assume people havent even picked up a controller and tried it.

So yeah Japan isn't giving the 360 a chance.
Trebius  +   1662d ago
The Japanese culture are especially picky when it comes to technology.
They're not going to buy inferior products, and Japanese people that buy the 360 are probably ridiculed for getting a child's toy instead of going for the Adult man's PS3.
gaden_malak  +   1662d ago
"FYI 360 also leads in Mexico, and AU."

Don't know where you get your numbers but Australia is definitely Sony country.
blackburn5  +   1663d ago
I don't understand these figures. Wasn't it just stated recently that PS3 had closed the gap and Microsoft was at 44 million and PS3 was at 42 million? So what the heck are these figures? @Omega, Wii has sold at least 75 million consoles Microsoft is still missing approximately 33 million units. They aren't even close to closing the gap.
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ExcelKnight  +   1663d ago
These are North American figures. Since the world doesn't exclusively revolve around the United States, Canada, and Mexico, worldwide figures are far higher and the proportions of sales are different.
jessupj  +   1661d ago
For the billinth time, the USA does NOT equal the world.
belal  +   1663d ago
ps3 and 360
are fairly close now, the ps3 is 41.6 million and 360 is 42 million.
BLaZiN PRopHeT  +   1663d ago
360 is at 45 actually
etownone  +   1663d ago
Yeah ... keep telling yourself that.

360 is at about 45 mil kid.
Elven6  +   1663d ago
44.6 million Xbox 360's sold worldwide actually,

Skadoosh  +   1663d ago
"To date, Microsoft has sold 44.6 million units worldwide since the console's launch in 2005."

Just to quote for the stupid sony fanboys. The 360 is roughly around a 3 million console lead. You can go ahead and go back to your sony fanboy blogs to get your false information if it makes you feel better. LOL.
#7.3.1 (Edited 1663d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(11) | Report
Elven6  +   1663d ago
Wtf, six disagrees for quoting a source where has others provide none and get acclaimed?

N4G is on a downwards spiral, agree/disagree abuse, bubble abuse, you name it. Trolling is bad enough, everything else combining together is a disaster.
vault13er   1663d ago | Trolling | show
silvacrest  +   1662d ago
lol, you guys are so defensive over numbers
kinda pathetic if you think about it
jessupj  +   1661d ago
That number is 'sold to retailers' so the actual number of sold consoles is more like 22.6. However, it would be very interesting to know how many of those are repurchases because of the RROD.

But it doesn't really matter because at this rate the PS3 WILL overtake the 360 very soon. GT5 might even move enough consoles to take over by January.
10thnightvolley  +   1663d ago
that was a failed articled which was misimformed.. 360 is acutally at 45 mil Plus
offdawall  +   1663d ago
I wish microsoft sony and nintendo would create a site together showing weekly and monthly numbers ... Bucause how can we trust ppl like npd and vg ?!
JokesOnYou  +   1663d ago
micro, sony & nintendo only know what they have shipped/sold to retailers....their official qtrly reports by law has to be accurate since its an official ducument thats published for investors, however companies stuff the channel a bit or alot at the end to improve the sales numbers. Thats not a big deal for investors, since sold to retailers is all they're conerned with anyway but for NPD and others like vgchartz, its meaningless since they try to track consumer sales.
horndog  +   1663d ago
and how can you trust companies like Sony and MS?? both liars who just want your money. I'll stick t NPD for now.
The real killer  +   1663d ago
Xbox 360 – 21,840,075

And that's proofs that many American buys for more than one 360, i never saw huge software nummbers at that high differends.

Somthing is wrong.
#10 (Edited 1663d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
George Sears  +   1663d ago
Nothing is wrong. North America just prefers the 360. It has been like this for years. Nothing bad about it. Just something called preference.
EvolZero  +   1662d ago
Americans also bought more than one PS3. I know quite a few people that traded their old phat models in to purchase slim model PS3's. It more likely has something to do with the 360 coming out first and people buying what their friends had.

Edit: software sales can be an iffy comparison. 360 has a much higher volume of pirate users then the ps3. If more 360 users were legitimately purchasing their games the gap would be wider. But the fact that the top 360 exclusives sale more at retail than PS3 exclusives says something about the user base of the consoles being sold. But that's another story.
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josephayal  +   1663d ago
Is it just me or is this console war bs getting annoying???
Boody-Bandit  +   1663d ago
This is what the internet has turned into. These people arguing over this nonsense are being used and they don't even realize it. I lurk, mostly laugh, roll my eyes, face palm and go back to playing my video games.

Negativity and sex is nothing but money, money, money and most of you guys are being played like a fiddle. Keep paying these sites bills guys.

2 things I have learned a long time ago. Pictures are not usually worth a 1000 words and gross totals don't mean jack squat. Both can be very misleading.
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holdmedownma2008  +   1663d ago
It's been dead bro
blackburn5  +   1663d ago
Stupid number loving 360 fanboys like Skadoosh are always worrying about us 'Sony fanboys'. Games can't reach the level of quality of Sony games so you scrap together sales numbers while the quality and number of exclusives you have gets less and less.Even worse you sit there and grin while Microsoft counts their 4.6% return rates and RROD as sales. And you still have the nerve to call us stupid.
vault13er   1663d ago | Trolling | show

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