Eurogamer reviews Heavenly Sword: "Reinvention that doesn't quite pay-off"

As it stands, Heavenly Sword is still an impressive, epic hackandslash adventure, and one that's full of memorable moments that keep you engaged right to the end. At times it veers towards being truly great, with the general 'direction' of the game's key sequences ensuring that it always keeps your attention with one visually arresting sequence after another. But inevitably, no amount of lavish technical polish and drama-filled cut scenes can disguise how it feels to play, and the fact that at its core, the combat doesn't quite cut it. Put simply, it feels like it's trying too hard to be different for the sake of it, and throws all manner of good, well-established ideas out to its detriment. Instead of being a spectacular refinement of what's gone before, Heavenly Sword is a reinvention that doesn't quite pay-off. Not quite the 7th heaven you might have been looking for, then.

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MK_Red4071d ago

Whiile they talk kinda disappointed and are a bit harsh, 7 is is a great game considering EG's high standards and expectations.

TriggerHappy4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Just like how Gamepro loves Sony, EG hates Sony beccause of how they treat European gamers as if they were second class gamers. All in all fair review I guess. Will be buying this game even if it got a 2.


I dont mean that in refrence to this review, am saying that in a General way.

ktchong4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

As a reminder...

Eurogamer gave 10/10 to BioShock:

GamePro gave 5/5 to BioShock:

and I'm sure GamePro *and* Eurogamer have given plenty of PlayStation games rave reviews in the past.

nasim4071d ago

CRACKDOWN that mega flopped game got 9 on EUROGAMER and RESISTANCE got 7 there

EG is affiliated with 1up and EGM .

so what do u expect?

Chris3994071d ago

Such is life, I suppose. Sony brought it on themselves with an expensive machine - that's really where the crux of all this hate is.

If it - the PS3 - was $250, people would be like:

"OMG, theatre quality, immersive experience!" (All for $250 bucks!)

Lair would be decent (flaws can be forgiven when a system is cheap - ala Wii), and Warhawk would be AAA. I don't know what people really expect for their money though. I paid $1300 for a state of the art PC last year that is already outdated. $500 is pretty good ($659 at the time; live in Canada) value for everything that the PS3 offers.

The standard seems to be set so high for Sony that it is almost unreachable.

For what it's worth, HS is MY most anticipated game of the year. I'm counting the days till I can play it, Lair can keep me busy until then (It's not THAT bad, it's actually kinda fun IMO.)

- C

ktchong4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

PS3 games should be hold to a much higher standard because it's expensive. You should expect more when you pay more.

You would not hold the same standard for games on DS or PSP as you would for 360 or Wii, would you?

And it's obvious that reviewers do not hold the same standard for Wii and 360/PS3 games, because so far Metroid Prime 3: Corruption has gotten spectacular reviews even though its graphic is not exactly "next gen". That kind of graphic would have gotten a 360/PS3 game an automatic -20% or more. But it's a Wii, and it costs only $250, so reviewers adjust their standards accordingly.

Bloodmask4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Sony set the standard themselves. By making rediculous claims of super computing powers of the PS3. "Next gen doesn't start until Sony says it does". 120 FPS.....the list goes on and on.

They claimed all of this massive superiority but everything I have seen is just average and not anything technologicly superior.

You might forget the rediculous claims but I am sure that others haven't = Blame Sony and nobody else.

nix4071d ago

i totally agree... i think it's back in fashion!

i don't know why everybody are acting like frogs (stuck) in the well. whenever any frog tries to climb the wall and go out, they pull the poor frog back! it's like - "i don't want to go forward but i WON'T let others go either!"

grow up already!

DARK WITNESS4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

yes the games have been hyped beyond expectations, but thats because of sony and the sony fans.

read the old posts, all we ever heard was how these games were going to change the way we play games. how they were going to own everything on the xbox. how they would run flawless.

now the reviews are coming and they are bad, what do you expect.

You said they would be so great, then it turns out they were not so great, well it was kind of expected wasn't it.

i was disappointed with this game from the demo, though i still thought i would get the full game, but after hearing how short it is, i just can't be bothered.

@ the guy above me, if the frog thinks its a Crocodile, of course the rest of the frogs are going to laugh and pull it back down .... lol.

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Hayabusa 1174071d ago

So, if Halo 3 got 7/10, what do you think everyone will say? "7/10 is still good, considering the reviewer has such high standards." Oh please. I don't buy games that score anything below 8/10, so 7/10 put's it the same league as games like...Just Cause. Some poeple may not see any problem with that, but I do recall some comments about Heavenly Sword being a AAA title.

"To whom much is given, much is expected".

Bolts4071d ago

The worst thing about HS is it could've been so much better and same goes for Lair.

Warhawk however is dead on, only the lack of hand holding for the noobs held it back from perfection.

Ps3Fanboy7774071d ago

Seriously I love how these reviewers due a 1 hour article and cost developers and publishers millions of dollars and years of there life...

Im done with reviews whats the point. They are all gaming snops that have lost what really matters and thats whether or not a game is fun...

Heavenly Sword is an absolute blast to play... Worth every penny!

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