The Top 18+ Official PS3 Dynamic Themes

Like it or not Playstation store offers some content that should be labeled 18+ however they are out there in the wild Officially and if you have kids who are familiar with the PS Store they might find their way ( easily ) to them since the parental control doesn't cover the contents in the PS Store , Remember Sony fighting Sex & Porn in Games ? Just saying

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kx112537d ago

don't tell your daddy :P

dangert122537d ago

As good looking as some of the women are i dont think the themes are actually good lol nor would i have pictures of randoms on my ps3
i think the bestis
the playstation plus clock
and the recent halloween one imo

FAGOL2537d ago

Na the clock 1 should of had a different colour or an option to choose the colour. White is just too boring for a theme.Haloween 1 looks great though.

DragonKnight2537d ago

I wouldn't exactly call these 18+. More like 14+ A severed hand that moves and flips you off isn't really adult material seeing as how kids can see worse than that typically.

And women wearing bikini's is certainly not 18+

KasiH2537d ago

lol ya King inshahart xD
la yeshofk 7ad min a lmontada 555555

NegativeCreepWA2537d ago

I like the dead nation one, might finally have a replacement for my heavy rain theme.

Vitalogy2537d ago

haha i'm still stuck with the dark rainy alley XD

NecrumSlavery2537d ago

Official? Are there unofficial 'dynamic' themes? I get themes off sites via the PS3 browser but I have ever seen a dynamic one.

The_Claw2537d ago

the sports illustrated swimsuit dynamic theme is 10x better than those two.

A Cupcake for Gabe2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Downloads right to ps3 via it's browser. You want hardcore 18+?

scar202537d ago

Second one and third theme are nice.

Umbrella Corp2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Those were nice themes by the way I'm diggin your avatar bro. :D

Prcko2537d ago

dead nation,MUST BUY FOR ME!!!

Minimox162537d ago

or free with playstation plus :)

Bounkass2537d ago

What's so 18+ about them? I don't see any nipples/vaginas?

mmPete2537d ago

I guess children should not be allowed to go swimming or to the beach, think of the danger of seeing a woman in a swimsuit! :O

Ilikegames762537d ago

even adults are not allowed to look at those.

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The story is too old to be commented.